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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Karachi man dies of electrocution 10 minutes after birth of son

A man named Raheel lost his life to electrocution in Karachi after Thursday's rain. He was on his way to the hospital to meet his newborn son. Social media users have been expressing condolences over the tragic incident and are bashing authorities for negligence.

In a gut-wrenching incident, a man in Karachi dies of electrocution just ten minutes after his son’s birth.

A man named Raheel lost his life to electrocution in Karachi following the rain on Thursday when he was heading to the hospital from work to meet his expecting wife. Police say that Raheel was a shopkeeper in the Karimabad area of Karachi. They said that he was on his bike when he was electrocuted in the Hussainabad Food Street area.

As per the witnesses, he was electrocuted but Police say they have not found any evidence as yet, hence they cannot attribute his death to electrocution.

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The police officer from Azizabad Police Station added that the cause of his death is yet to be ascertained; they doubt he died after falling from the bike.


The management of K-Electric Company was called following the incident. According to them, the pole does not belong to the company but to the town. The family of the victim says that they would register the case following the funeral prayers and burial.

Justice for the victims

Meanwhile, social media users have been expressing condolence and regret for the tragic incident. The incident came to light after a member of the non-profit organization slammed the authorities for the incident in a video. His video caught the attention of the users who also bashed the authorities for gross negligence. Social media users largely believe he died of electrocution.


In the video message, the activist said that residents told him that the man worked as a salesman. He demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan, and Chief of Army Staff to take action the death of the man due to electrocution.

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As per the reports, two other men lost their lives after being electrocuted in Karachi. KE has also released its version saying that the infrastructure in two of the incidents did not belong to the company.