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Monday, July 15, 2024

Karachi Stands as World’s Least Liveable City

Karachi has been ranked as the world's least livable city in a global survey, highlighting significant challenges in stability, infrastructure, and environment.

Karachi, once celebrated for its modern infrastructure and educational excellence, has been ranked as the world’s least livable city. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s recent global survey assessed 173 cities based on healthcare, culture, stability, infrastructure, and education. Karachi secured the 169th spot with an overall score of 42.7. The city performed notably poorly in stability, receiving a score of just 20, reflecting ongoing political and economic challenges.

Karachi’s Scores

In healthcare, Karachi scored 54.2, indicating moderate access to medical services but highlighting areas for improvement. The city’s culture and environment were rated at 35.9, pointing to significant environmental and cultural shortcomings. However, Karachi’s education sector received a relatively higher score of 75, showcasing its potential in this area despite broader infrastructural issues, which scored 51.8.

In stark contrast, Vienna was rated the most livable city globally, with a remarkable score of 98.4. Copenhagen and Zurich followed closely, demonstrating the high standards of living in Western Europe.

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The top 10 most livable cities included Melbourne, Calgary, Geneva, Sydney, Vancouver, Osaka, and Auckland, highlighting strong infrastructure, stability, and cultural environments. Western European cities averaged a score of 92 out of 100 but faced a decline in stability due to increasing disruptive protests and crime.

Urgent Need for Improvements

Karachi’s disappointing ranking underscores the various challenges it faces. Despite its historical reputation, issues such as political instability, inadequate infrastructure, and environmental concerns have severely impacted its livability.

This survey highlights the urgent need for comprehensive improvements in key areas to enhance the quality of life for Karachi’s residents. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts from government and civil society to restore Karachi’s former glory and provide a livable environment for its population.