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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Karachi transformation plan on way to success – or not?

Karachi's transformation plan is underway with construction starting on revamping the transportation system. However, citizens are doubtful regarding the Sindh government's performance as it is frequently accused of starting projects, but not finishing them.

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As per the transformation plan, Karachi is undergoing major changes. With an aim to improve the city’s transportation system, the government is working on completing the five bus tracks. The bus tracks are to be laid for Orange Line, Green Line, Red Line, Blue Line, and Yellow Line.

According to details, the Red Line will begin from Modal Colony and end at Nomaish Chowrangi. It will cover a distance of 26 km. The Yellow Line will cover the entire Korangi industrial area and is 21 km. The government will start construction on the Yellow Line in 2022. It will end in 2025.

The Blue Line of 27 km will start from Safoora Goth and will again end at Nomaish. The Orange Line, also known as Abdul Sattar Edhi Line, will be the shortest route, covering a distance of 3.4 km from the Board Office to Gulshan-e-Zia.

Lastly, 40 buses for Green Line are on their way to Karachi. As soon as construction completes, the operation of Green Line will begin by October, according to Asad Umer.

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The Sindh government, in collaboration with private contractors, will construct three bus lines. However, there are concerns over the government’s performance, as it is frequently accused of starting projects but not finishing them.

Federal Government vs. the Sindh Government

As mentioned above, the Sindh government is responsible for three bus lines i.e. Red Line, Blue Line, and Yellow Line. The Federal Government is taking charge of the Orange Line and Green Line where the work is almost completed for the latter.

However, the PPP-led Sindh government failed to take concrete measures regarding transportation in the province, despite 13 years of governance. Moreover, on the PPP government’s performance, the Federal government states that CM Murad Ali Shah even failed to provide basic health facilities to Sindh.

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On the other hand, the Sindh government maintains that the Federal government does not provide adequate funding for such projects.

To clarify, Adviser to Sindh CM, Murtaza Wahab claimed that PPP contributed Rs 700 billion out of the Rs 1100 billion whereas the Federal government contributed a mere Rs 380 billion. Later he acknowledged that the Federal government gave Rs. 1100 billion.

While the PPP government may have started work on revamping Sindh’s transportation system, looking at history, citizens are doubtful about the project’s completion. Nevertheless, Karachi will soon see the Green Line bus operating by October – courtesy of the Federal government.

However, people claim that it was PML-N who first set the precedent for such a sophisticated method of transportation.

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