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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Kashmala Tariq’s son pardoned by families of deceased accident victims

The families gave their statements wherein they stated that they do not have any objections if the accused are granted bail and they have pardoned them. 

Out of the four deceased victims, families of two who lost their lives in a fatal accident after colliding with Kashmala Tariq’s vehicle, have pardoned her son and driver.

The vehicle belonging to Kashmala Tariq, who is the current Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women since 2018, collided with the victims’ cars on the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad, on February 2.

Affidavits were submitted by the families to the court of Additional District and before the Sessions Judge (West) Mohammad Sohail Fazil amid the plea hearing for bail-before-arrest granted to the Federal Ombudsperson’s son, Azlan Khan, informed police officers.

The court was requested by the investigators to call off the bail and grant them a physical remand for Kashmala Tariq’s son and others involved. As a response to this, the legal counsel of the accused asked for a time extension, and later presented the families of the two deceased victims in front of the court.

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In their separate affidavits, families of the deceased, Farooq Ahmed and Adil, stated that Kashmala Tariq’s car was being driven by her driver and not their son. “For the sake of Allah, we have no objection over the release of her driver and son on bail, quash the case and discharge them from the case,” the affidavit stated.

After submitting the affidavits, the families were requested to present themselves in front of the court separately. The affidavits were explained to them in Urdu, following which they agreed to the contents and verified them through their thumb impressions.

The families gave their statements wherein they stated that they do not have any objections if the accused are granted bail and they have pardoned them.

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However, according to police officials, the case can not be completely quashed if the families of the other two deceased victims and two injured individuals do not provide the court their affidavits.

Kashmala Tariq has categorically denied all the accusations that her son was not involved in the accident. She says that both the cars were driven by drivers. Her son was in another car who rushed to check her when her car hit the Mehran car.

“The accident was a result of the negligence of the drivers of both vehicles but the media started a trial of my family,” Ms. Tariq added. “My son remained in the spot till 12 midnight,” she said.

“It was a terrible accident and I feel sadness in my heart for the children who lost their lives,” she said.

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She said that she and her husband suffered injuries who were hospitalized afterward. “Justice will be served but please don’t unjustly drag anyone’s child” into the matter, she underscored, adding that neither she nor her family tried to escape the crash site. “In fact, we even called an ambulance ourselves,” she added.

“We were traveling in two vehicles. We left Lahore around 7 pm yesterday and crossed the toll plaza at around 10:30 pm. My husband and I were in the same vehicle.

“As we reached the Kashmir Highway, we experienced a sudden shock and push and got injured. The driver was unable to control the car. It was a terrible accident,” she stated.

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