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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Kashmir Abuzz with Chants of “What’s our Relation with Imran Khan? La Ilaha Illallah”

"Tera Bhai Mera Bhai, Imran Bhai Imran Bhai" and "Imran Khan se Rishta Kya: La Ilaha Illalah" are ringing through the streets of Kashmir as Kashmiris have found a savior in Imran Khan. Imran Khan's struggle for Kashmir has made him a hero in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden speech at the UN General Assembly has swept the occupied valley of Kashmir with an unprecedented wave of hope, which has compelled the oppressed people of Kashmir to come out of their homes regardless of the barbaric restrictions imposed by the Indian occupation forces.

In his speech, Imran Khan has put forward the just demands of the Kashmiri people, demanding an end to the inhumane curfew, the release of around 13,000 Kashmiri political prisoners, and the Kashmiri right to self-determination provided by the UNSC resolutions.

News reports reveal that within 24 hours of Imran Khan’s speech, the occupied Himalayan region witnessed 23 street protests.


“Your Brother & Mine, Imran Khan”

A report by the BBC Hindi reveals that a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s UNGA address, scores of Kashmiri protestors poured into the streets, chanting slogans of freedom, and demanding “Go India, go back!”.

The Kashmiri men, women and children have taken to the streets with a renewed fervor for freedom, as Imran Khan’s speech calling upon the international community has given them hope, which was lost given the barbaric restrictions imposed on movement and communication since August 5th.

The streets of occupied Kashmir are abuzz with chants of “We’re Pakistanis, Pakistan is ours!” and “What do we want? Freedom!”

The report reveals that the anger that has accumulated amongst the population of Kashmir has boiled over after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s supportive address, and the people have taken to the streets to express their hatred against the unjustified oppression at the hands of the Narendra Modi led government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has emerged as a hero in the valley, and the people of Kashmir have created slogans like “Your brother and mine, Imran Khan”, and “What’s our relation with Imran Khan? La Ilaha Illallah”.

The way Kashmiris are caged like animals in homes. Their political leadership arrested, even pro India ones. 13,000 boys picked up & taken to unknown locations. Youngsters blinded with pellets.

Protestors, stone pelters and even women have come out on the streets with a renewed fervor to demand their rights for self-determination and freedom.

The protestors are demanding their right to self-determination from the United Nations, urging the international community to fulfill the mandated UNSC resolutions with regards to occupied Kashmir.


Renowned Kashmir activist, Shehla Rashid, observed that New Delhi’s unlawful actions and Imran Khan’s UNGA speech has created a “soft corner” for Pakistan in the valley.

Rashid said, “Modi govt’s actions have created a huge soft corner for Pakistan in Kashmir. Three people from Kashmir told me over the phone that, after Imran Khan’s UNGA speech last night, there were rallies, celebrations, firecrackers in Kashmir. There’s no diplomatic way of saying this!”


Kashmiris Ready to Revolt

In a rare manner of registering their protests and revealing the truth behind Narendra Modi’s bid to tell the world that “everything is normal in Kashmir” Apple farmers and orchid owners have refused to harvest their produce. They have left the apples to rot during the peak harvest season, regardless of the economic losses they are likely to suffer.

Despite the angry surge of protests, it is important to note that the barbarism of the Indian occupation forces has not ceased, but in fact, it has heightened. Unprecedented arbitrary arrests, nocturnal raids, and torture are rampant across the valley.

Reports from hospitals across Kashmir’s Shopian region reveal that the arrested individuals were subjected to electric shocks to their genitals and toes, beaten with batons, and water was forced down their throat, amongst other inhumane tactics.

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A report by Reyaz Ahmad stated, “Hospital documents show beating in the gluteal region, multiple bruises over body, nausea vomiting at the time of arrival at the hospital.”

Speaking at the UN General Assembly last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had warned Modi of an unprecedented wave of rage and anger that will rise in Kashmir as soon as the curfew is lifted.

Referring to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Khan said, “You think Kashmiris will accept a new status quo under revocation of Article 370. 100,000 Kashmiris killed, thousands of women raped. UN reported on this. But the world did nothing & sees India as a huge market. Materialism has trumped humanity.”

He continued, “What will happen when the curfew is lifted? Modi says this is done for the prosperity of Kashmir. But what will happen when 8 million Kashmiris come out of lockdown and face 900,000 troops? I fear there will be a bloodbath.”

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“The way Kashmiris are caged like animals in homes. Their political leadership arrested, even pro India ones. 13,000 boys picked up & taken to unknown locations. Youngsters blinded with pellets. This will only lead to further radicalization.”

The valley of Indian-occupied Kashmir has entered its 58th day of curfew, and while protestors have taken to the streets in some areas of the disputed valley, many areas remain under a rigid lockdown, barring movement and protestation of any kind.

Reports from the valley reveal that more than 10,000 Kashmiris have been forcibly disappeared and killed by the Indian occupation troops, while over 13,000 have been arrested, many of which include young boys and men.