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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Kashmiri Lives Matter: Mehwish Hayat furious about toddler image

Like the rest of the people who believe in humanity, Mehwish Hayat was appalled with the heart-wrenching images of the three-year-old boy. "This has to stop. Kashmiri lives also matter!" said the actress as she expressed her outrage and grief on the incident,

Mehwish Hayat lashed out at the Indian armed forces after the image of a toddler sitting on the bullet-riddled body of his grandfather in Kashmir went viral on social media.

While the spine-chilling images racked up global outrage, Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat rebuked the Indian government for atrocities and barbarianism in the valley. The actress took to Twitter to express her rage against the incident that is making waves in the international media since yesterday.

Kashmiri lives Matter says the actress

“If this doesn’t move you, I don’t know what will,” the Load Wedding actor tweeted. “How can the world stand by quietly and allow Indian forces to act with such impunity and get away with this aggression against innocent people of Kashmir? How much longer are we going to turn a blind eye? This has to stop. Kashmiri lives also matter!”

Like the rest who believe in humanity, Mehwish Hayat was appalled with the heart-wrenching images of the three-year-old boy. The toddler in the image is the face of worsening brutality and brazen violation of human rights in Jammu Kashmir.

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Since children are the most vulnerable section of the society, the disturbing incident of a three-year-old Kashmiri boy witnessing the death of his grandfather sent shock waves across the world. International observers are now liking the simmering crisis of human rights violations in Kashmir to Syria-from where several disturbing images of children adversely affected the ongoing war floated on social media.

Continuing her campaign for the rights for Kashmiris, Mehwish Hayat again called the attention of the world towards the longstanding conflict of Kashmir and the ongoing extreme human rights violation in the valley.

She raised the slogan of Kashmiri lives Matter, similar to Black Lives Matter -a slogan that took the world by storm last month following the death of a black American, George Floyd by the Police officers in Minnesota, USA.

The actress blasted the Indian forces for their unprovoked aggression towards the innocent child. She asked for how long the world will remain silent on the brutal killing of Kashmiri people.

But this is not the first time Mehwish Hayat has spoken on Kashmir issue. She has been regularly raising voice on Kashmir issue and rising racism in India.

Mehwish Hayat slammed India for stoking Islamophobia

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has slammed the rising Islamophobia in India that demonized Muslims for the spread of coronavirus in the country. The disillusioned actress in her tweet blasted India for pursuing its nefarious extremist agendas under the garb of coronavirus.

She asked why Indian Muslims are discriminated against when coronavirus is evenly ravaging countries irrespective of color, race, and religion.

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She shared an article from an international publication ‘The Guardian‘. The article reported how Hindu mobs assaulted Muslims in different parts of the country. Hindu mobs suspected that Muslims are part of the unfounded Islamic conspiracy to spread coronavirus in India.

Her campaign for Kashmir

Mehwish Hayat called out Bollywood for promoting war hysteria. She asked why world-famous Indian celebrities are tight-lipped on the communication blockage and curfew in Jammu Kashmir.

She rebuked people who criticized her for not speaking enough on the Kashmir issue. The actress reiterated her support for the simmering issue. She said she would continue to raise her voice against the oppression in Kashmir. Moreover, the actress said she has some big plans to follow in this regard.


Her friends and colleagues from the entertainment industry responded to the diatribe. They recounted her recent efforts on Kashmir issue and revamping the image of Pakistan globally. She also received Tamgha-e-Imtiaz last year.

Mehwish Hayat has been relentless with her campaign on Kashmir and against Bollywood and Hollywood for vilifying Pakistan. She echoed her concerns on various international media outlets and called out Indian celebrities for fuelling extremist sentiment.