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Monday, July 15, 2024

Kate Middleton once called out William for cheapening her image

The world's power couple was once on the verge of a complete breakup. Back in 2007, Prince William's clubbing antics deeply disheartened Kate Middleton. However, the Prince realized his mistake and changed his lifestyle for the better.

The most celebrated royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton had once decided to end their relationship back in 2007, reported The Mail.

Prince William and Kate Middleton met as students at St Andrews University in Scotland and tied the knot in 2011. Their romance spanned for over two decades. The couple had once decided to part ways in 2007. The recent reports published in The Mail say that two exchanged harsh words during their break-up.

Royal correspondents Laura Collins, Katie Nicholl, and Ian Gallagher claimed Prince William decided to split from Kate after he felt that “fun” had disappeared from the relationship. Kate was left upset as she always believed that they would marry.

Moreover, the actions of Prince William further disheartened Kate Middleton. He was spotted roaming in nightclubs with different girls.

Kate Middleton felt Prince William was cheapening her image with all his clubbing antics. As per the report, “It was the first such warning she had dished out throughout their four-and-a-half-year relationship.”

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“‘She told him she wasn’t prepared to be treated like a doormat and that his carefree behavior was affecting her image. In the past, she had always let go of things like that, but this bothered her.”

Prince William realizes his mistake

Prince William later realized he made a mistake as only three months after, the two were seen together. Following that they married in 2011 in a gorgeous royal wedding in Westminster Abbey.

William had proposed to Kate during their trip to Kenya in 2010. Duke and Duchess have welcomed three children since their marriage.

Kate and William had addressed their breakup in their famous engagement interview. The couple spoke sweet and lovely words for each other.

“We were both very young, it was at university, we were both finding ourselves as such and being different characters and stuff, it was very much trying to find our way and we were growing up, it was a bit of space and a bit of thing like that and it worked out for the better,” Prince William said at the time.

Kate also said that it was good for her to spend time apart from William as it made her stronger.

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“At the time I wasn’t very happy about it, but it made me a stronger person. You find out things about yourself that maybe you hadn’t realized.

“I think you can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger, and I valued that time for me as well although I didn’t think it at the time.”

Throughout their marriage, they have gone to fulfill their royal duties. The couple also visited Pakistan in 2020.