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Thursday, May 23, 2024

“keep me in the jail, will not accept slavery,” Imran khan

“I endorse the declaration of the CCC. Suspects involved in May 9 incidents should be punished severely."

Addressing the media at Adiala Jail, Khan emphasized the necessity of identifying the perpetrators of the May 9 unrest, drawing a parallel with the apprehension of individuals involved in the Capitol Hill incident through CCTV footage. He queried the delay in establishing a judicial commission to investigate the May 9 incident, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of transparent inquiry and stressing the imperative of holding the culprits accountable.

Imran Khan, made a fervent demand on Wednesday for the punishment of those accountable for the tumultuous events of May 9, echoing the sentiments expressed in the statement from the Corps Commanders’ Conference issued by ISPR the previous day. “I endorse the declaration of the CCC. Suspects involved in May 9 incidents should be punished severely.”

Rigged elections will bring no harmony 

Furthermore, Khan criticized the denial of reserve seats to PTI, labeling it as a contradiction of democratic principles and highlighting historical instances of electoral injustice, such as the disenfranchisement of East Pakistan, which ultimately resulted in the nation’s fragmentation.

 He warned against the adverse impact of rigged elections on the economy and emphasized the importance of political stability for national prosperity, contrasting it with what he described as the Sharif family’s reliance on the politics of self-interest and clientelism.

In response to allegations of election rigging, Khan shifted the responsibility onto the caretaker government and the Election Commission of Pakistan, suggesting a selective audit of constituencies to address concerns over fairness. He challenged the characterization of peaceful protests as clashes, underscoring the essence of democracy and dismissing claims of army involvement in political maneuvers.

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“Keep me in prison for as long as you want but I will not accept slavery. ” Refuting accusations of capitulation, Khan maintained a steadfast stance against subjugation, asserting that a nation accustomed to servitude is destined to falter. “The nation accepting slavery always ends. There is no army opposition in our party. Criticism of elections is not criticism of the army.”