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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Khan’s vision to educate Pakistan: Free books from Govt’s books banks for every needy student

Books banks will be established in 424 government-run schools under Imran Khan's vision of educating every child in the country. Free books will be made available to needy students from Primary grade to Matric.

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has decided to set up book banks in 424 government-run educational institutes.

Books from these book banks will be provided free of cost to the students from Primary to Matric classes who are studying in informal schools and the independent educational institutions run by philanthropists.

Books would be collected from students who have appeared in Matric exams and will be placed in the book bank.

A notification has been sent to area Education Officers by Director Academics FDE Sadia Adnan and the copy has also been sent to DG FDE.

As per the notification, free books are being distributed to the students of FDE institutions according to Article 25(A) but students from the schools being run by philanthropists and under informal program stand deprived of this facility.

The decision is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for education. He, himself is the patron of a charitable university

To address their sense of deprivation, authorities of FDE have planned to establish book banks in all government educational institutions where books would be procured from students appearing in final exams of March 2020.

All the principals and heads of government educational institutions are directed to obtain books from students and submit them to the book banks. They are also directed to form a report.

These books would be sent to the concerned area education officer who would inform the academic wing about the books.

Students would be told that these books are being gifted to other students.

The decision is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for education. He, himself is the patron of a charitable university. He has even announced to introduce a uniform education system across Pakistan to make it more inclusive and cater to youth from all segments of the society.

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The uniform education system is necessary to provide an opportunity for the youth to develop skill sets to gain employment and constructively engage with society.