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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Khawaja Asif: Nawaz Sharif is being punished for wanting friendship with India

In a session at the Asia Society in New York, USA, Khawaja Asif, Foreign minister, stated that Nawaz Sharif staked his political career for stabilizing Pakistan’s relationship with India. He went on to say political opponents called Nawaz Sharif as ‘Modi’s friend’.

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Khawaja Asif, long time associate of former deposed PM, Nawaz Sharif, put forward the same narrative that has been espoused by Nawaz Sharif; that he has been removed from office because of his overtures to India and other policies that may not have been approved by the ‘hidden forces’.

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Nawaz Sharif, himself has said he is fighting for democracy against these forces. Nawaz Sharif, who presented himself in front of the accountability court earlier this week, attended the session for 5 minutes, before asking to go.  He has been asked to provide sources for his income with which multi-million-pound flats have been bought in London among other assets. He has so far not provided any documents.

Imran Khan has criticized the statement made by Khwaja Asif. He took to the twitter to express his deep resentment on the ‘acknowledgment’ made by Khwaja Asif about the existence of ‘terrorist hideouts’ in Pakistan. Khan as time and again stated that Pakistan has rooted out the menace of terrorism from the country and has done enough in this War on Terror.