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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Khwaja Asif accuses Imran Khan of dividing Pakistanis

While addressing a session of the National Assembly on Monday, Defense Minister Khwaja Asif criticized former Prime Minister Imran Khan for indulging in “politics of hate” and accused him of dividing the nation.

“Imran Khan not only divided Pakistanis in Pakistan but also abroad. That is why a person in Canada abuses us.”, Khwaja Asif said while referring to the recent remarks of Canadian Parliamentarian Tom Kmiec.

“He [Imran Khan] did not even leave the Prophet’s (PBUH) mosque. He spreads hate everywhere. He could not give love to his blood relatives, how can he give love to this nation”, Defense Minister added.

Moreover, Khwaja Asif accused the former Prime Minister of politicizing state institutions by using them for his own benefit and against opponents during his term in office. He further assured that the incumbent government will never use state institutions against anyone. “Imran Khan’s legacy is hate and poison. He has taken us several years back and has destroyed society. Today, many still support him but in a few years everyone will understand,” Defense Minister remarked.

The regime change controversy resurfaced when Canadian MP Tom Kmiec criticized Pakistan’s Army Chief General Bajwa for human rights violations and regime change in Pakistan. The comments from the Canadian MP met strong criticism from Pakistan’s government and the Canadian high commissioner in Pakistan was served a strong demarche.

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Defense Minsiter Khwaja Asif also condemned the remarks of the Canadian MP terming them “irresponsible and undiplomatic”. Asif said that the issues of Kashmir and Palestine would long have been resolved, however, “the West does not see the human rights atrocities in Kashmir and Palestine”.

“We respect all countries but when a Canadian member of parliament criticizes our institutions then we’re bound to respond,” he said.

He went on to criticize the human rights record of Canada and said that Canada is one of the top Islamophobic countries in the world.  “I respect the Canadian government. I understand it is an isolated incident. But many incidents are taking place. Do Muslims not have human rights,” he inquired.