KSF in talks with JS Bank to help the unemployed

Karachi Sports Forum (KSF) recently approached the underprivileged strata of the sports community in Karachi. They distributed ration bags, sanitizers and face masks among more than 50 ground staff and hockey players who had been trained at the Olympian Islahuddin-Dr Shah Hockey Academy. Moreover, they are also in the talks with JS Bank to raise more funds for this cause.

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On Saturday 11th April, at the Karachi Sports Forum (KSF) welfare drive, Chairman Asif Azeem revealed that JS Bank has approached the forum to auction the historic memorabilia of Pakistan’s sports legends to raise funds for the deserving people. If taken, this is a great initiative to help sponsor the unemployed families during the current coronavirus crisis.

KSF welfare drive

Pakistan is struggling to cope with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its consequent econo­mic instability. During this time, several organizations are coming forward to help their countrymen in these hard times.

One of these is the Karachi Sports Forum (KSF). KSF has taken the initiative to re­a­ch out to needy players, coac­hes, um­p­ires and ground staff in the city. On the occasion, former hockey captain and Olympian Islahuddin, Olympian Ayaz Mehmood, Olym­pian Sameer Hussain, Olympian Kashif Jawwad, international hoc­key player Mohammad Asif, KSF Chairman Asif Azeem, KSF Chief Organizer Syed Waseem Hashmi, Sindh Olympic Associ­ation Vice President Tehmina Asif, SOA Media Coordinator Moh­a­­mmad Nasir and others were present.

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Olympian Islahuddin also donated Rs 230,000 to the KSF kitty with the intent of helping the employees and staff. The donation is reserved for people who earn their bread and butter through sports, now that all the sports activities have come to a halt due to the pandemic.

Islahuddin praised how KSF contacted the sports-persons at their houses in a respectful manner. He mentioned that KSF will keep the identities of the beneficiaries private. This will allow them to continue with their routines without unnecessary gossip.

Olympians Ayaz Mehmood and Sameer Hussain also praised KSF for being the first to approach sports personnel in need. According to Asif, KSF looks to extend its operations to Ramazan with the help of affluent people. They aim to distribute ration bags and Eid gifts among the deserving sports-persons; who are struggling to survive through the coronavirus crisis.