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Monday, April 15, 2024

KU declares sexual harassment complaint against two professors ‘fake’

The varsity spokesperson says the university did receive the application from students alleging professors of sexual harassment but it had fake signatures.

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Karachi University has stated the recent sexual harassment complaints against two alleged professors as fake saying that university has received no “official” complaint from the students alleging any professor for sexual harassment.

Two professors of Karachi University from Mass Communication Department were alleged by six students for harassing them on WhatsApp. The students stated that the professors in question sent them inappropriate messages on WhatsApp.

“They try their best to play mind games with female students to gain favors that have sexual overtones, all with the ever-lurking threat of failing them or putting them short of the attendance list,” the complaint read.

The spokesperson of the university acknowledged that the university did receive an application from the student but it had fake signatures. The spokesperson said that the complaint was not filed by the victims, but rather by a “male student who is already facing disciplinary action”.

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“No evidence of any kind or mobile screenshots was submitted with the application,” he said, adding that the university reserved the right to take action against “fake” complaints.

Complainants say they Received Inappropriate Messages

A girl names Tihmas Ali Khan, who had filed a complaint stated that multiple students were harassed by an alleged professor.

“I recorded a video detailing the harassment. I did not mean to make it public. I gave the video to someone to edit, but it was somehow leaked. And then I was served a show cause notice by the university,” stated Khan on a show of a private TV channel.

One of the victims, recounting her account stated, “I was in my first semester at Karachi University. I was a new student and did not know about the professor’s ‘reputation’. I got a job offer from somewhere and I wanted to discuss the opportunity with the professor. He told me to message him on WhatsApp.”

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“He then asked me [on WhatsApp] where I lived, how I commuted to the university, about my family, my father, and brother. Then he asked me whether I was a friendly person or a serious type of person. Then he suggested we become friends.” “He invited my friend to his office alone. But she went in with four other girls so that he wouldn’t try anything [inappropriate].”