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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Kuwait revamp its residency visa rules

The reforms officially took effect from the publication date in the Official Gazette, marking a new era for expatriates in Kuwait.

Kuwait, a nation at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, has recently embarked on a groundbreaking journey to revamp its residency visa rules. Spearheaded by Deputy Prime Minister Fahd Al Yousef, the amendments to the Expats’ Residence Law signal a significant move towards attracting skilled professionals and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Dependent and Family Visas Redefined

Under the revised Article 29, newcomers seeking dependent or family visas are now required to have a monthly salary of at least KD800, a university degree, and a profession relevant to the visa application. Notably, the requirement of a degree has been waived for a select list of professions, breaking away from traditional norms and opening doors for a more diverse expatriate community.

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Professions Exempted from Degree Requirement

Aimed at recognizing the expertise and skills of professionals, the revised law exempts individuals in certain professions from the university degree requirement. This exemption applies to advisors, judges, prosecutors, experts, and legal researchers in the government sector; medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists; university, college, and higher institute professors; and various other roles spanning from engineers to journalists.

Inclusive Policies for Families

One of the most notable changes is the exemption for children aged 0-5, born in Kuwait or abroad, from the salary requirement if their parents are residing in Kuwait. This empathetic move acknowledges the unique needs of families and aims to make the residency process more accessible for young children, subject to the approval of the Director General of the General Administration of Residence Affairs.

Implementation and Effective Date

The responsibility of implementing these progressive changes rests with the Acting Undersecretary, as outlined in the second article of the revision. The reforms officially took effect from the publication date in the Official Gazette, marking a new era for expatriates in Kuwait.

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The list of professions granted relief from the university degree requirement is extensive and diverse. From medical professionals and educators to journalists, sports coaches, and burial service professionals, this move seeks to embrace a wide spectrum of skills and talents within the expatriate community.