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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Lahore’s GC University celebrates Harry Potter week with a thrilling trailer

The GC University students are giving a tough competition to the entertainment industry of Pakistan with the screening of Pakistan’s first fan-made Harry Potter film called 'The Last Follower And The Resurrection Of Voldemort.’

Pakistan’s Government College (GC ) University in Lahore is celebrating a week-long Harry Potter Festival and will be screening ‘The Last Follower And The Resurrection Of Voldemort’ which is Pakistan’s first fan-made Harry Potter film.

The trailer of the movie has been creating a buzz on social media with people expressing awe at the exceptional talent and creativity shown by the students. The trailer shows GC University Campus with the old-school arches, brick walls, and long windows that bears striking resemblance to that of Hogwarts. Students are also seen wearing Hogwarts-like cloaks and woolen scarves.

The trailer has garnered attention as netizens argued that the GC University students are giving a tough competition to the entertainment industry of Pakistan that has not been able to produce anything like this so far that too in minimum budgets.

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“High time to visit the 157-year-old vintage campus of @gcuniversitylhr, as the film ‘The Last Follower’, shown this week, reimagines the ambiance of the magical Hogwarts School of Wizardry. The excellence of our students has also reached across the borders!,” wrote the Vice-Chancellor of GC University Lahore on Twitter.

“Witness love, friendship, and magic. Pakistan’s first-ever fanmade Harry Potter movie screening and theme-based festival is going to happen in GC University, Lahore,” wrote another user while sharing the trailer on Twitter.

“Harry Potter Week in Government College University, Lahore. Vibes of GC University is total of next level,” wrote a user while appreciating the work of the students.

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“156-year-old vintage campus of GC University in Lahore has been reimagined to match the ambiance of the huge, dark, and magical castle-like campus of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” wrote Indian Publication, The Indian Express.

A historic building and educational institute, GC University had first opened as the college in 1864 but in 2002 it was upgraded to a university.