Land given to noble laureates, grabbed by politicians!

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The land of Jhang, which has given two noble laureates to the world, is under the siege of politicians holding fake degrees. This land, dubbed as the land of two rivers Jhelum and Chenab, is enchained in poverty, unemployment, and religious bigotry.

This is the only district on the map of the world which has given two noble laureates including Dr. Abdul Salam and Dr. Gobi Singh, but due to its landscape, it has always remained under the control of illiterate political leadership. The process of filing the nomination papers is continuing in Jhang and the politicians, with fake degrees, have started raising their ugly heads to spearhead the political race.

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Sheikh Waqas is at the top of the list of contenders for the national assembly seat in city constituency, in the next general election. However, he was previously disqualified as member of national assembly for holding a fake degree – he had acquired an FA certificate ahead of passing his matric examination. The judges of the Supreme Court were left stunned over this fraudulent act. Sheikh could not participate in the general election 2013 due to his fake degree, so he helped his illiterate father, Sheikh Akram to grab a seat in the National Assembly.

Sheikh Akram could not utter a single world to raise the voice of his constituency’s people in support of their demands, on the floor of the assembly during his five-year-long tenure. He kept on asking for help from conductors and drivers of his transport company about cash matters, even during committee meetings. Transport is Akram’s ancestral profession, which he had inherited from his father Sheikh Nawaz, who had initially stepped in this field as a hawker.

Syeda Abida Hussain is in the political scenario of Jhang since the last fifty years and she was exposed during Musharraf regime, when it came to light that she was only educated to the level of matriculate

The second politician who was disqualified by Supreme Court for having a fake degree was Iftikhar Baloch. Syeda Abida Hussain is in the political scene of Jhang since the last fifty years and she was exposed during Musharraf regime when it came to light that she was only educated to the level of matriculation.

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The Indian education minister was reported to remark about Abid Hussain Shah that if such people are education ministers of Pakistan, then their education system therein will be ruined. One Ghulam Muhammad Lali remained an MNA for five years but he could not utter a single word on the floor of the assembly. The majority of the political leadership of Jhang are illiterate. Ghazanfar Jabowana figured top of the list among unlettered politicians.

Another politician, Ghulam Ahmad Gadi Baloch who remained MPA thrice, even returned development funds to the government. It felt like development was never his motto, but landing the electorates in the Stone Age remained his objective throughout his political career.


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