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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Laura Loomer takes legal action against attorneys

Loomer sues attorneys, alleging lack of transparency & seeking damages after failed lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR.

Laura Loomer, a prominent ultra right-wing conservative figure known for her anti-Muslim positions, has filed a lawsuit against her attorneys following the unsuccessful litigation against Twitter and The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Loomer alleges that she was not adequately informed about the potential legal fees she would be responsible for if she lost the case. The lawsuit has been filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court and seeks damages in excess of the statutory minimum.

The Allegations

According to the lawsuit, Loomer accuses New York attorney Ronald Coleman, along with Dhillon Law Group, Mandlebaum Barrett PC, and Craig William Young of Boynton Beach, of misleading her into pursuing the lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR. Loomer claims that Coleman, who has a significant social media following and hosts a podcast called “Coleman Nation,” invited her to his law office in New York City in early 2019. She states that Coleman induced and convinced her to file the lawsuit, without fully disclosing the risks involved, such as the possibility of being ordered to pay the opposing parties’ legal fees and costs.

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Loomer’s Grievance

The lawsuit asserts that Coleman’s primary motivation was to use Loomer’s case against Twitter and CAIR as a means to enhance his own notoriety, fame, and social media presence. Loomer points out that she had raised over $90,000 through crowdfunding to cover the legal expenses after being banned from various social media platforms. She claims that Coleman failed to provide an honest or accurate assessment of the case’s merits and instead saw it as an opportunity to profit from her distressing situation.

Her Financial Burden

As a result of the unsuccessful lawsuit, Loomer claims to have incurred legal fees totaling more than $160,000, with over half of that amount being raised through crowdfunding. The lawsuit alleges that Coleman and the other defendants were negligent in their duties by not fully disclosing the potential financial implications of the case. Loomer argues that had she been aware of these risks, she might have reconsidered pursuing the litigation.

Seeking Damages

In her lawsuit, Laura Loomer is seeking damages that go beyond the minimum statutory requirement of $30,000. Her legal action stems from the allegation that the defendants, including New York attorney Ronald Coleman and others, failed to provide transparency and an accurate evaluation of the case. Loomer argues that as a result of their actions, she suffered substantial financial losses and emotional distress. By pursuing this legal recourse, she aims to hold her attorneys accountable for their alleged negligence and seek appropriate compensation for the damages she incurred.

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Laura Loomer’s decision to sue her attorneys following the unsuccessful lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR brings to light the potential consequences of inadequate legal representation and lack of transparency. The lawsuit alleges that Loomer was misled into pursuing a case that may not have had strong merits and that her attorneys were primarily interested in their own professional gain. As the legal proceedings unfold in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, the outcome of this case will shed light on the responsibilities of attorneys and the implications of crowdfunding in high-profile legal battles.