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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Legal counsel of Uzma Khan drops case after reported settlement

Lawyer Khadija Siddiqi tweeted that she and other lawyers have disassociated themselves from the case after Uzma Khan reportedly agreed for a settlement in the case.

Khadija Siddiqi, legal counsel of model Uzma Khan announced to disassociate herself after a reported settlement in the case. Model Uzma Khan had filed the case against the two women who assaulted her at a residence. Siddiqui hinted that both the parties have reached a settlement and agreed to resolve the matter outside the court.

Lawyer Khadija Siddiqi tweeted that she and other lawyers have disassociated themselves from the case after Uzma Khan reportedly agreed for a settlement in the case. She said she stood against lawlessness and injustice. However, she understands the reason the two aggrieved women settled. But she stepped away from the case because she did not want to be a part of any settlement. According to Siddiqi, this is against her conscience. However, she said she will continue her fight against lawlessness.

“My entire struggle has been against lawlessness and I want the law to be equal for everyone,” she said. “I did not want this to go towards a settlement,” wrote Siddiqi in a tweet. Hence, Uzma Khan has reportedly withdrawn the complaint against Malik Riaz family.



Hassan Niazi also dropped the case

On the other hand, the proactive Hassan Niazi also announced the case is closed. Hassan Niazi had vociferously defended Uzma Khan on social media. He was among the team of legal counsel for the model.

He asserted that his team respects the wishes of their client to settle the matter through dialogue. However, he pinned the unchecked justice system and the influence of powerful to oppress weak people the reasons for the settlement. He also asserted that their fight against injustice will continue.


None of the legal counsel of Uzma Khan revealed further details of the settlement between the two parties.

Social media reaction

The news of the alleged settlement came as a shock to the proponents of Uzma Khan who vehemently defended her. Uzma Khs stood by her side. The social media erupted in furor following the leaked video of battering Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan at a residence at DHA Lahore.

The leaked videos of daughters of Malik Riaz assaulting and harassing Uzma Khan generated colossal reactions on Twitter.

Following the incident, Uzma Khan had addressed a press conference in which she categorically refused to accept any offers. Even in her official statement, she demanded justice. She vowed to fight her case until the end. But the news of reconciliation between the two parties shattered the hopes of her advocates who anticipated a fair end to the case.


Her advocates expressed disillusionment on the fallout of the entire controversy. They expected the model to fight the case till the end.

Pakistani actress Uzma Khan addressed a press conference in Lahore yesterday following the leaked video on social media. She has registered an FIR against the daughters of Malik Riaz. But, some bizarre details related to the case emerged during the press conference of Uzma Khan.

Uzma Khan relationship with Usman Khan

In a press conference, Uzma Khan confirmed her relation with Usman Malik- the husband of Malik Riaz’s daughter, Amna Malik. The actress asserted that she was a friend of Usman for two years. However, conflicting reports are circulating on social media regarding the prospects of her marriage with Usman Malik.

A report quoted her saying that she was in a relationship with Usman and they were about to get married. But other reports quoted Uzma as saying that they were friends for two years. However, they were not on talking terms since December 2019 after she turned down his proposal to marry him.



“His family is also aware of it and I have evidence to prove that Usman was constantly contacting me after December 2019. He proposed to me and I denied. Amna or anyone else in her family has never contacted me before 23rd May (the day of the incident). Usman is still calling and texting me and I will give evidence in court,” Uzma shared.

Uzma Khan asked for security

Meanwhile, Uzma Khan demanded security for herself and sister Huma Khan. She says she is continuously receiving threats and believe that their lives are in danger. Hence she demanded Police to provide her immediate security, and her complete medical examination.

Adding that, “The Guards and the girls both beat me and my sister and we were seeking mercy.” She said the maximum thing they could do is to kill them. They can’t kill her parents because she is an orphan.


Uzma Khan also thanked the media for supporting her. “I’m grateful to the media who came for my support. All the allegations Usman’s wife is putting against me in the video are wrong. I saw Usman’s wife for the first time that night,” said Uzma Khan.

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Uzma Khan had refused to reach any settlement with the family of Malik Riaz earlier. She said, “If I would have to make a deal then why would I come here in front of the media and answer all these questions.” She only wants justice from the government of Pakistan.

What happened between Uzma Khan and Amna Usman

Several videos of women and armed men assaulting and harassing Uzma Khan went viral on social media. These videos prompted controversy on social media. The details of the case began to surface as Twitter users heavily weighed in on the controversy.



The jarring videos stirred criticism against the business tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughters on social media. Social media users disapproved of the physical assault of actress and model Uzma Khan. A detailed discourse started on social media on the controversy. Social media users discussed the entire fiasco and gave their views on who is at fault- Amna, or the Uzma Khan.