Legendary footballers Kaka and Figo reach Karachi


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Two legendary Real Madrid players Ricardo Kaka of Brazil and Luis Figo of Portugal arrived in Pakistan on Thursday, 10th January 2019. The high-profile duo landed in Karachi at Jinnah International Airport and briefly stayed in the airport lounge where they were welcomed by the hosts. They will head to Lahore today.

The football stars have arrived in Pakistan for a promotional activity pertaining to the World Soccer Star Event to be conducted in April this year. Small-side festival matches involving global stars will be held in Karachi and Lahore in April. The international guests were presented by Sindhi Topi (cap) and Ajrak (shawl).

Ricardo Kaka’s had an illustrious career in football between 2002 and 2016.

The arriving guest informed their fans in Pakistan about their trip to Pakistan in a video message posted on Twitter. “It’s exciting to see another emerging country in Asia embrace football,” Figo had said in a video announcement of his visit to Pakistan.

“I’m certain in a population of 220 million there must be huge potential waiting to emerge into the international scene.”

“I am delighted to visit Pakistan and play an instrumental role in promoting and helping football in the country. I have never been to Pakistan so I am really excited to come and play football whilst helping unearth hidden talent,” said Kaka, who retired from professional football in 2017.

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Earlier in 2017 Brazilian star Ronaldinho and England’s Ryan Giggs and some other international stars toured Pakistan and played matches in Karachi and Lahore. Ricardo Kaka’s had an illustrious career in football between 2002 and 2016. He scored 29 goals in his career and represented Sao Paulo, Milan, Real Madrid, and Orlando City.

He has played 92 matches for Brazil. Figo has played 127 matches from 1991-2006.  He scored 32 goals. He played 577 matches and scored 93 goals while representing Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Sporting CP.

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