LHC decision devoid of any logic: Dr Moeed Pirzada

The decision is made only to provide credibility and legitimacy to Hamza Shehbaz government in Punjab.

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It’s a tragedy that for the things which require common sense we reach Lahore High Court or Supreme Court to give directions to our common sense. It’s a great misfortune that state and government are being administered against the logic. This country won’t progress even if China and USA come together to assist this country with all their resources and money, until its logical structure is improved. Dr. Moeed Pirzada reacts on LHC verdict about CM election in April, 2022.

It took two months for Supreme Court to answer President Arif Alvi’s reference about the reinterpretation of Article 63-A. But Supreme Court’s decision against the former government came rather quickly. Judiciary is not supposed in scheme of things to break the wall of article 69 and intervene in Parliament’s proceedings.

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LHC decision gave Hamza Shehbaz a chance to gain vote of confidence from Punjab assembly without squashing the notification of his CMship. This decision is a classical example why the decisions of Pakistani courts are not interpreted in judicial jurisdictions of other countries as a precedent. The function of courts is to interpret the law and not to care about the power clusters or powerful figures.

Courts always work in a political context. Authority and power are dominant factors in every political realm and courts always look up to them for direction. Courts can’t bring revolutions. LHC decision is also the reflection of its understanding of current political ground realities. The decision is made only to provide credibility and legitimacy to Hamza Shehbaz government in Punjab.

Law fraternity has reservations about the decision because it doesn’t give time to PTI and PML-Q for their political campaign. Political analysts are also susceptible that all the matters were addressed by powers to be and then the decision was made, hotel rooms were already booked and MPA’s were asked to be in Lahore.

By-elections of Punjab are also deeply connected with this decision. Every effort will be made to give the figure of 186 to Hamza but it will still not provide any sustainability to the system. Such details decisions are being made to maintain the optics of truth by the powers to be.

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