Life as a child in Osama bin Ladin’s compound in Abbottabad

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The home videos which were seized from his Abbottabad compound after Seal Team Six stormed it and killed the 9/11 mastermind have been released by the CIA as part of 470,000 documents taken from his complex were released. 

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1099 – Govt. launches Pakistan’s first transgender anti-harassment hotline

The hotline will be connected to the Ministry of Human Rights office as well as the offices of the Inspector Generals of Police in each province.

Russia’s referendums in Ukrainian territory drawn criticism from the US

Antony Blinken reiterates US 'does not, and will never, recognize the legitimacy or outcome of these sham referenda'

Bamboo shelters: A way to help flood victims across Pakistan

The shelters, called Lari OctaGreen, can be built by six or seven people within a few hours. They were initially designed in response to a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that hit Afghanistan in 2015.