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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Life in the UK will take six months or longer to be normal again

Until now, UK has been the worst country in the list of infected countries that witnessed its royal prince, and the Prime minister got infected by the coronavirus. These two cases has endangered the lives of common people because if such high dignatories can be infected by the virus, the common people are at a higher risk. That is one of the principal reasons for fewer economic and social activities in the country. In the wake of this situation; if it takes six months for normalcy to back in the UK, it could be the most fortunate time!

Britain’s deputy chief medical officer warned Sunday that life may not return to normal for six months or more, as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak.

Jenny Harries said it would take two or three weeks to assess the impact of the current rules for people to stay at home wherever possible to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“If we are successful, we will have squashed the top of that (infection) curve, which is brilliant,” she told the government’s daily press conference.

“But we must not then suddenly revert to our normal way of living — that would be quite dangerous. If we stop then, all of our efforts would be wasted and we could potentially see a second peak.”

She said measures to contain the virus would be reviewed every three weeks, “probably over the next six months” or even longer — but stressed that did not necessarily mean a full lockdown for that long.

“Gradually we will be able to hopefully adjust some of the social distancing measures and gradually get us all back to normal,” Harries said.

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Britain has been on lockdown for a week, with non-essential shops and services closed and people told to stay home except for daily exercise or to get groceries.

The measure was introduced in the face of a rapid spread of the virus. New figures on Sunday revealed that 1,228 people with coronavirus have now died in Britain — up 209 on the previous 24 hours.