Lightweight Face Shields & Masks – Why A Healthcare Worker Needs Them In Global Pandemic?

Prevent virus and germs - healthcare and hygiene concept

As the world is facing hard times in dealing with the contagious COVID-19 disease, it is necessary to take care of your health with all your might. What’s even more important is taking all the precautionary measures that will assist in keeping yourself guarded against virus exposure. 

From keeping a safe distance of more than 6 feet to covering your mouth and hands while going out, you have to adopt a whole new lifestyle if you truly want to fight off this virus. For this, every precaution that you take counts as not just your own protection but towards the protection of the masses as you are playing a big role in curbing the virus transmission. 

But when it comes to healthcare workers, the battle is even harder. The healthcare staff cannot just put on a regular mask and gloves and set off to treat patients infected with an extremely contagious virus, that too on a daily basis. They have to go the extra mile with their protection and products that are of special and high quality material. 

This does not mean at all that the regular protective measures for non-healthcare are not effective, but the amount of interaction with infected patients a healthcare employee has to face is far greater. Which makes the possibility of healthcare workers contracting viruses even more than common people. 

This is why there are specially designed face shields and plastic masks available in the market that offer absolute protection to the users. Moreover, many companies like Regal plastics are making these shields and covers such that their composition is effective as well as lightweight. 

Since these masks are made of PETG material, they offer high chemical resistance and high durability. These marks can be easily cleaned and since they are made of good quality plastic, they can be reused later. There is no fear of contaminated surfaces if used again as when they are cleaned with antiseptic, they get absolutely free of all types of germs. 

On the other hand, the plastic surface also ensures that no particle or microbe can pass through the shield no matter how tiny it is. As health workers are constantly in touch with infected persons, even slightly loose fabrication can lead to extreme harm. This is why a plastic shield is a perfect tool to use to ward off any minute chances of virus or germs transmission. 

The thickness of the shields is yet another reason why the virus can never pass through their surfaces. The best part about plastic shields and masks is that they cover not just your mouth and nose but they also provide coverage to your eyes. Since eyes are also a favorite entry point of COVID-19 or other germs, if they are left uncovered, they would serve as the perfect source of transmission. 

Hence if you are a healthcare worker looking for a protective gear, shop for Regal Plastics Medical Face Shields & Masks to fully protect yourself.

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