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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Lindsay Lohan makes London Modest Fashion Week appearance in hijab

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Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted wearing a Hijab at London Modest Fashion Week, sparking the rumours of her conversion to Islam. Earlier, she ignited similar speculation when she was spotted holding Holy Quran last year.

The actress, however, confirmed to the theme of London Modest Fashion Week. The fashion event showcases modest fashion designers from around the world and promotes Halal cosmetics and make-up brands.

In an interview to BBC Minute, Lohan praised the idea of modest fashion week and said, “Fashion doesn’t always have to be so naked and can be adventurous and still beautiful with a strong group of women behind it.”


Lindsay Lohan, during her attendance at the two-day fashion event, promoted various modest and halal clothing and make-up brands. She participated in runway shows, seminars and panel discussions on modest fashion.

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She met one of the prestigious Halal make-up brand ‘Hawa Cosmetics’ at an event.

The beauty brand shared pictures with Lohan saying: “Oh my days!” the post read. “As if Lindsay Lohan came over to say hello to Team Hawa! She was so lovely and was saying how she’s into halal cosmetics and what she’s actually wearing on her face today was all halal! Well, all I can say is if it’s good enough for Lindsay Lohan, (girl, what are you) all waiting for?”

More than 40 designers from around the world showcased scarves, hijab and loose-fitting maxi dresses at the show organized by Haute Elan. Modest fashion according to the organizers is the fastest growing sector of the fashion industry.

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Speculation that Lohan has converted to Islam emerged in 2015 when she was pictured holding Holy Quran during a visit to a refugee camp in Turkey.

The actress in an interview with a Turkish channel expressed her inclination towards Islam and mentioned that she was given the religious text by a Saudi friend.

“They gave me the Quran and I brought it to New York because I was learning,” she said.

“It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning. This is who I am.”

Since then the actress seems to be undergoing a period of transformation in her religious beliefs, though she is yet to confirm or refute the news of her conversion to Islam.

In early 2017, Lohan deleted all her pictures from the Instagram account and updated her bio read, ‘Alaikum Salaam’.

At that time, the actress in an interview to a newspaper said ‘she is excited for this new chapter in her life’.

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Later on, she said, ” I don’t want to speak on something that I haven’t finished yet.”

The actress after her split from her partner in 2012, is working for humanitarian causes in Turkey’s refugee camps.