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Thursday, July 11, 2024

List of House, Senate Democrats who want Biden to withdraw his reelection bid

The call for Biden's withdrawal comes in the wake of his dismal showing at the first debate against former President Donald Trump on June 27.

The list of congressional Democrats calling for President Joe Biden to drop his reelection bid has grown to nearly a dozen, according to media outlets.

The call for Biden’s withdrawal comes in the wake of his dismal showing at the first debate against former President Donald Trump on June 27.

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“The president’s performance in the debate was alarming to watch and the American people have made it clear they no longer see him as a credible candidate to serve four more years as president,” said Rep. Adam Smith from the state of Washington, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. “Since the debate, the president has not seriously addressed these concerns.”

Angie Craig from Minnesota said in a statement that she does not believe Biden can win a rematch against Trump given his poor debate performance as well as his “lack of a forceful response” after the debate.

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“This is not a decision I’ve come to lightly, but there’s simply too much at stake to risk a second Donald Trump presidency,” said Craig.

Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva last week urged Biden to withdraw. He qualified his remarks to the New York Times by saying he would support Biden if he decided to continue running but questioned whether the president could beat Trump in the Nov. 5 general election.

“What he needs to do is shoulder the responsibility for keeping that seat, and part of that responsibility is to get out of this race,” said Grijalva.

New Jersey’s congressman Mikie Sherrill also encouraged Biden to not run again because the threat of another Trump term in office is “too real.”

“And because I know President Biden cares deeply about the future of our country, I am asking that he declare that he won’t run for reelection and will help lead us through a process toward a new nominee,” said Sherrill.

Mike Quigley from Illinois told MSNBC last week that Biden had nothing left to prove and should withdraw from the race.

“Mr. President, your legacy is set … we owe you the greatest debt of gratitude,” said Quigley. “The only thing that you can do now to cement that for all time and prevent utter catastrophe is to step down and let someone else do this.”

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton told the WBUR television station it was time for Biden to step down and “let new leaders rise up and run against Donald Trump.”

“That’s what’s most important,” said Moulton. “We have to win.”

1st representative who asked Biden to withdraw

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett was the first sitting member of Congress to call for Biden’s withdrawal from the presidential race.

“I represent the heart of a congressional district once represented by Lyndon Johnson. Under very different circumstances, he made the painful decision to withdraw,” Doggett said in a statement last week. “President Biden should do the same.”

Three other Democratic congressmen — New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, New York Rep. Joe Morelle, the top Democrat on the House Administration Committee, and California Rep. Mark Takano, the top Democrat on the House Veterans Affairs Committee — also urged Biden to drop out of the race.

Nadler, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, however, seemed to backtrack on his initial comments to the New York Times about concerns regarding the president’s reelection bid.

“He’s going to be our nominee,” Nadler said, referring to Biden, “And we all have to support him.”

1st senator questions Biden candidacy

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet was the first Democratic US Senator to voice concerns about Biden’s reelection chances versus Trump, saying he believed the Democrats would lose the election if Biden stayed on the ticket. Although Bennet stopped short of calling for Biden to withdraw, he said that he believed Trump and the Republicans are currently on track to win by a landslide.

“So for me, this isn’t a question about polling, it’s not a question of politics. It’s a moral question about the future of our country,” said Bennet.

Meantime, a caucus of about 60 Democratic politicians reportedly backed the president during a conference call Monday, according to media outlets.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York was adamant about his support of Biden.

“I’m with Joe,” said Schumer.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from California did not give a direct answer when asked if Biden should stay on the ticket.

“It’s up to the president to decide,” Pelosi told MSNBC. “We’re all encouraging him to make that decision … because time is running short.”​​​​​​​