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Monday, November 27, 2023

Long queues outside Tim Hortons in Lahore trigger debate on inflation

Netizens react to an overwhelming rush at the opening of the Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons outlet in Lahore. Videos and images of long queues outside the outlet in Lahore are making rounds on social media.

The overwhelming crowd at Tim Hortons has triggered a debate on social media regarding inflation, price hike, the dollar crisis, and the country standing on the brink of default. Netizens slammed the visiting for thronging the outlet hysterically.

This urged social media users to ask if Pakistanis are really hit by inflation and the exorbitant price hike. Another group raised the issue of the unequal distribution of income in Pakistan. Some draw a comparison that how people from a certain class stand in long queues to get basic amenities of life like flour and sugar, whereas a class also exists in the same country who is standing outside in long queues for an expensive cup of coffee.

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Another group argued that food is the only entertainment left in Pakistan, there should not be a problem if people want to spend on their entertainment and if they can afford it.

The frenzy around opening up Tim Hortons spurred Pakistani actors to comment on it. Singer-turned-actor Farhan Saeed said “There are 2 Pakistan(s), one that is in the queue of utility stores for data & ghee, & the other is at #TimHortons. It scares me, that there is nothing in the middle that scares me.”

“Actual two nations theory! Economic crises? For whom? 1st 2 pictures are of Candian cafe Tim Hortons opening in DHA Lahore. The long queue of ruling oligarchy kins for coffee,” a user tweeted.

“Huge respect for Tim Hortons for giving away free ration bags to the needy families in Lahore,” said another user while sharing images of people waiting outside the coffee outlet. Some have reported that long queues were seen outside the outlet early morning as well.