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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Longest cabinet meeting in history: PM Khan sets a precedent

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In a historic review meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan reviewed the performance of every federal minister on Monday. The meeting lasted for 9 hours where every minister explained the performance of his or her respective field. According to sources, the review meeting was held in order to further improve the performance of every ministry and work towards the enhancement of people’s quality of life.

It was also added that during the meeting, the actions taken by respective ministries with regards to service delivery, austerity measure and future plans were discussed, with a view of how to improve each ministry’s performance. Also ministers were told that targets for three months would be given to them against which they would be required to submit implementation plans; it dismissed the rumor of cabinet reshuffle that had been in media for last few days.

PM Khan who has repeatedly maintained that he will never compromise on the rule of law.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) maintained that every minister was being asked tough questions and to explain what they had done so far. PTI said the performance of each ministry was being reviewed on the basis of three aspects which were: contribution to savings through austerity drive, number and [the] nature of new projects initiated as well a future roadmap.

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It was also added that “Accountability is the main pillar of democracy. PM Khan upheld merit when he chose his ministers and he is upholding merit once again as he reviews the performance of all ministers at the completion of governments first 100 days”.

Public Appreciates PM Khan

Social media appreciated the review meeting and citizens loudly admired the process of accountability and rule of law in Naya Pakistan. “I have never seen any Pm in my whole life who’s doing performance reviews of all ministries. And aims to bring further improvement. I am impressed. Naya Pakistan feels #PMReviewsPerformance

Another social media user wrote “Wow PM @ImranKhanPTI is reviewing each minister’s performance by himself by meeting each one for 15 to 20 http://minutes.Now  that must be appreciated. Alhumdolillah Alhumdolillah. #PMReviewsPerformance #PakistanZindabad


Another used said that we are lucky to have a PM like Khan. “#PMReviewsPerformance Please tell me if any PM in Pakistan has ever done this kind of evaluation and review of the performance of the ministers? That also right after 100 days. We are lucky to have @ImranKhanPTI as our Prime Minister. InshAllah #Pakistan will only prosper”

PM Khan has Done Something Unprecedented

Analysts argue that there is no denying of the fact that PM khan is working by day and night to make Pakistan a genuine representative democracy. He has visited Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, and UAE in order to seek financial help and generate economic activity in the country.  His efforts are commendable for the majority of Pakistanis. PM Khan who has repeatedly maintained that he will never compromise on the rule of law and nobody whether minister or ordinary people will ever be allowed to break the law.

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He also made it clear that the ministries were awarded not on personal choices but on the basis of individual capacity and interest. Anyone not performing well, PM Khan has said, will have to go back to home. PM Khan has said more than once that his agenda is to work for the betterment of people and nobody in his cabinet will ever be allowed to rule. We are here to serve, said PM.

Moreover, it is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan that a PM himself chaired a meeting and reviewed the performance of all minsters and also gave them future tasks. Even ministers are required to be asked by someone about their performances; this would make them realize that they have responsibilities to perform and tasks to achieve that too in a given period of time.  This is established that Pakistan is prospering under the leadership of Mr. Khan who has promised to make a Naya Pakistan.