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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Look Africa: Pakistan Africa trade development conference being held in Nigeria

Africa is moving towards economic integration through a number of sub-regional organizations. Under the ‘Look Africa Plan’ Pakistan is seeking to negotiate preferential trade agreements with three African trading blocs. To enhance connectivity between Africa and Pakistan, the ‘Look Africa’ Plan includes measures that can help boost trade between Pakistan and Africa.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood, chaired a briefing on product and geographical diversification initiatives being taken under the Look Africa policy of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). Single Country Exhibition also to be held by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

The Advisor was informed that as a part of its Look Africa policy, the MOC will hold the 2nd Pakistan Africa Trade Development Conference (PATDC) at Lagos in Nigeria from 23 to 25 November 2021. A Single Country Exhibition will also be held at the same time. He was informed that so far113 leading Pakistani companies have confirmed their participation in the event from Textiles, Cosmetics, Leather, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Tractors, Electrical Appliances, Fans, Cable, Steel, Surgical, Paint, Chemicals, IT, Sports, etc.

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The First Pakistan Africa Trade Development Conference (PATDC) was held at Nairobi-Kenya to cater to East African countries. The organization of the second PATDC was delayed in view of the travel restrictions because of COVID-19.

The second PATDC is being held to cater to the Western part of Africa. Buyers from 15 countries of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Economic Community of West African States, including Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, etc. have been invited. Buyers from all the Nigerian States are invited.

What the conference is about?

The Advisor will lead the Pakistan Delegation comprising businessmen and officials from MOC and other Government departments. Pakistani companies will exhibit their products in the Single Country Exhibition and hold B2B meetings as well. It is the largest exhibition of Pakistan’s products in Africa.

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The Advisor said that he would be going to Dakar (Senegal) from 6 to 9 December 2021 where he would meet officials and businessmen from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at the 17th Trade Fair of the OIC Member States. He would also visit the 25th International Trade Fair (FIDAK) being held at Dakar.

Mr. Dawood appreciated the role played by the MOC for the implementation of the Look Africa policy initiative for geographical and product diversification.