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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lost history …!

Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers and Artists. By Michael Hamilton Morgan, (National Geographic) – Anyone interested in reading a brilliant analytical account of what happened between Islam and West and when, where and why? needs to read this. It is difficult to keep it down.

Last night I read about how Charles Martel in 731AD, was able to defeat or reverse a superior Andalusian Cavalry at Tours near PARIS – but mostly by accident, otherwise the Muslim invaders from South of France (now both France & Spain) inspired awe amongst Franks who saw them as representing the sophistication of Rome & Byzantine with a state of art cavalry and interestingly this is the point where Europe of 8th century gets introduced to Cavalry and Shock Troopers, Mounted Horsemen and Knights in shining armor and the use of Stirrups.

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Europeans examined the Muslim Andalusia weapons, Stirrups and tactics just like today Iranians open up American drones to understand the technology…this book should be available in book stores in Pakistan and for those abroad: Amazon Books Zindabad….

Here is an excerpt: “European attraction to Muslim technology and intellect, and fear of Muslim power and religion would mark the relationship between Europeans and Muslims all the way into the Renaissance and beyond. It would not change until the Europe became the global imperial power in the 16th century and the Muslim golden ages wound to a close. Then a Eurocentric rewriting of history would expunge the greatness of the Muslim golden ages and exclusively credit Europeans for creating modern mathematics, astronomy, medicine, science, technology, statecraft and a humane pluralistic society..”


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