Low downstream at Kotri destroys Indus Delta as people & farms remain thirsty

Despite being in power at federal level, the PPP, which runs Sindh, is unable to get due share of water for the province as farmers and households protest against severe water shortage.

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The inflow of water at Sukkur Barrage has been reduced by 7,000 cusecs. The delta is on the verge of collapse due to continuous and severe shortage of water downstream of Kotri.

According to details, the flow of water at Guddu Barrage has decreased by 9,000 cusecs in the last 24 hours, while the inflow of water at Sukkur Barrage has decreased by 7,000 cusecs.

The Irrigation Department says the delta is on the verge of collapse due to a persistent and severe shortage of water downstream.

Water inflow at Tarbela was recorded as 1 lakh 8 thousand 800, outflow was recorded as 120 thousand cusecs, water inflow at Kala Bagh was recorded as 1 lakh 34 thousand 900, outflow as 1 lakh 3 thousand 990 cusecs, water inflow at the spring as 1 lakh 57 thousand. 655 and emission 140,000 cusecs were recorded.

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Water inflow at Taunsa was 99,210 cusecs, outflow 93,478 cusecs, water inflow at Guddu Barrage 72,610 cusecs and outflow 56,139 cusecs, water inflow at Sukkur Barrage 57,525 cusecs and outflow 23,730 cusecs.

Water inflow at Kotri Barrage was recorded at 19,275 cusecs and outflow at 300 cusecs.

Why should Pakistan be concerned about Indus Delta

Known as the vertebra of Pakistan’s ecology and economy, the Indus delta is the fifth largest in the world and home to the seventh biggest mangrove forest. In recognition of its international importance, the wetland was designated as a Ramsar site in 2002.

It forms where the mighty Indus river flows into the Arabian Sea, creating a complex system of swamps, streams and mangrove forests. A triangular piece of fertile land is created when the fast-flowing river deposits rich sediment as it empties into the sea.

However, dam construction and mismanagement of water by the government have significantly reduced river flows, causing the delta to shrink, and threatening both human life and its ecology. The absence of flowing freshwater allows seawater into the delta, destroying the soil and the aquifers, making it unfit for humans, animals or crops.

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