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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Maheen tops CSS 2020 as passing ratio falls down

FPSC announced the results for the CSS Exam 2020; however, the passing ratio falls down from last year's 3% to less than 2% this year.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) on Thursday announced the results of the Central Superior Service (CSS) final examination.

As many as 18533 candidates appeared while only 364 passed the examination. The passing percentage of the examinations remained at 1.96% less than the previous year. The passing percentage of the CSS examination in 2019 was 2.56%.

According to the details, candidate Maheen Hassan, a female candidate has topped the CSS 2020 on the general merit list. The result shows 226 male candidates and 138 female candidates have passed the examination.

The social media platform brimmed with a message of felicitations as a score of Twitter users posted about clearing the CSS examination.

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Trends #css2020result #CSS2020finalresult and #CSS2020 have been trending atop on social media.

The social media trend saw memesters putting up false reports of claiming to pass examinations while being posted to various state departments.

Civil service has been a lucrative career opportunity for youth in Pakistan. Each year thousands of aspirants appear for examinations while only a few hundreds can pass the examination and are included in the bureaucracy.

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Most of the candidates fail the examinations due to a lack of proper guidance, training, and preparations for examinations. Preparation of Central Superior Services (CSS) exam is a long journey; therefore it needs a proper long-term plan.

The difficulties a CSS aspirant faces during the preparation include lack of confidence, certainty, direction, time management, and productivity. A proper long-term plan can solve these issues to a large extent. So they rightly ask how to plan and prepare for CSS?

Proper planning and time management between different subjects are essential for candidates to have a smooth grip on their preparation and to avoid re-attempting examinations.

Gaining knowledge on a particular subject is essential but often insufficient as student needs to improve their certain skills like writing speed, analysis, and reading word per minute. A thorough self-analysis will enable students to prepare a smooth plan of exam preparations for themselves.

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