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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mahira Khan Appointed UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador

The actress adds another feather to her hat, as she steps up to converge the attention of the world to the plight of Afghan refugees following her appointment as the UNHCR’s goodwill ambassador. It is anticipated that her voice for Afghan refugees will echo the message of ensuring a secure future for them across the world.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has been appointed UNHCR’s goodwill ambassador for Pakistan. Mahira Khan said she was grateful for being chosen to represent UNHCR in her country.

“Proud to be born to a motherland that has opened its arms to refugees for over 40 years,” she tweeted following the announcement.

She shared her video message posted on UNHCR’s official Twitter account. In the video, Khan asserted that the cause of rehabilitating the refugees must not be limited to one country. She urged other nations to share the responsibility of rehabilitating the Afghan refugees.

The actress described them as resilient and hopeful who have denied all the odds despite the violence they have faced. Khan claimed that Pakistan has set a tremendous example before the world by hosting Afghan refugees for the past 40 years. In these years, Pakistan has provided them shelter, identity, food, and employment, helping them to support their families.

Mahira Khan’s Message for Afghan Refugees

Earlier, the socially woke actress had appreciated Pakistan’s efforts in supporting the Afghan refugees in commemoration of the United Nations World Refugee Day.

Khan lauded Pakistan’s relentless efforts in providing shelter to the millions of displaced Afghan immigrants. These efforts have led Pakistan to mitigate the impact of war and violence on human lives.

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Earlier, on ‘World Refugee Day ‘, Mahira Khan posted a video on her Twitter account in which she shed light on the plights faced by displaced refugees. She further stated that refugees are the victims of the war, who after losing their homes are denied basic amenities of life like food, water, shelter, and education.

She cited the instance of brotherly relations demonstrated between the Ansars of Medina and Muhajirin of Makka. She acknowledged that Pakistan living up to the tradition set by Islam has been immensely servicing their brothers from cross-border Afghanistan for decades. “To this day, the nation has kept these traditions alive”, said Mahira Khan.

Khan captioned the video “They’ve been denied a home.. but we haven’t denied them hope. Pakistan has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees over several years and continues to do so, we have given them a home within our motherland.”

Mahira Khan said that these people are innocent and are vulnerable and entails extra care from us. The video also stated the fact that 85% of these Afghan refugees were denied shelters in developed countries like North Korea and the United States of America. Hence, a few other developing countries besides Pakistan have hosted a large influx of Afghan immigrants.

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Mahira Khan is the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations in Pakistan. She visited the refugee camps in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa last year with United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees Chief Filippo Grandi, who was in Pakistan for a three-day visit along with UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock. The actress felt happy after meeting Afghan refugees and stated that she wants to help them personally.