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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Mahira Khan blames mindset for rise in rape; confronts Twitterati

Recent Farishta rape case has saddened every soul in nation and celebrities call for protection of every child. Some social media users blamed vulgarity the showbiz business promotes to be the main reason behind the rape cases to which Mahira responded with a stern answer.

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Mahira Khan has slammed a Twitter follower who opines that vulgarity promoted by the entertainment industry is the major reason that incites rape. The actress was incensed with his crude remarks. Khan retorted stating that it is the mindset that causes people to sexually abuse a 10-year old girl.

The Twitter user had tagged Mahira Khan and two other celebrities Shehzad Roy, Zeba Bakhtiar in his tweet.

Mahira Khan in her response to the tweet, asked “Really? The ‘vulgarity’ causes someone to go rape a 10 year old and then kill her?”. Mahira was appalled by the graphic images some Twitter users have been uploading and called for action by Twitter to disable such content uploading.

Shehzad Roy took to Twitter and further clarified what Mahira’s stance was.

She identified it is the regressive mindset that draws people towards sexually abusing most vulnerable group of society, the children.

“Get a grip. It’s the mindset! It’s the shame associated with it. And no I will not back off. My voice. My life. I will do whatever I want with it”, Mahira added further.

Celebrities Jump in with a Call to Change the System

On Thursday, the media and cricketing celebrities/social workers addressed a press conference in Karachi and suggested recommendations and solutions to bring down the cases of child abuse in the light of recent rape case of a minor Farishta reported in Islamabad.

The celebrities agreed on the fact that there is a need to raise collective conscience and social awareness on the issue.

They demanded the government to resume the Child Protection Unit and Life Skills-Based Syllabus to be introduced in the curriculum.

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Zeba Bakhtiar and Younus Khan stated that such cases mostly go unreported out of fear of disgrace and shame. The elders often deter the minors publicly speaking about their harassment experiences especially when a close relative or acquaintance is involved.

Mahira Khan pressed that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children about good touch and bad touch. She also requested parents to take seriously if their children complain about discomfort around certain adults in their proximity.