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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mahira Khan Receives Flak for Bold Dressing at Saudi Arabia Event

Mahira Khan faces social media criticism for her bold dressing at a Saudi Arabia event, igniting a debate on cultural sensitivity.

Pakistani television and film actor Mahira Khan has found herself at the center of controversy during her current visit to Saudi Arabia. The actor is currently in the KSA for film-related events, accompanied by her businessman husband, Salim Karim.

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Mahira Khan’s recent appearance at an awards night in Saudi Arabia has stirred intense backlash on social media. The actor’s choice of a sleeveless black and deep neck outfit has drawn widespread criticism from fans who argue that such bold dressing is inappropriate for the cultural context, especially considering the event’s location. A circulating video from the awards night has fueled the controversy, leading to a heated debate among fans.

Social media platforms are flooded with disapproving comments, with fans expressing their disappointment over Mahira Khan‘s outfit. While many comment on the dress itself, others remark on Mahira Khan’s appearance, expressing dissatisfaction with her styling and perceived weight gain.

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Several fans took to social media to voice their discontent, highlighting that Mahira Khan’s recent appearance contrasts with her statements in interviews and promotions, where she tends to favor ‘modesty’. This is not the first time Mahira Khan is being criticized for her outfit choice.