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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Major General Salami’s speech on Abu Musa Island in Persian Gulf

Iran's IRGC Nay military drill on Abu Musa Island reaffirms commitment to peace, sovereignty, and unity in the Islamic world.

On Wednesday, during a military drill held by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Nay on Abu Musa Island in the Persian Gulf, Major General Salami delivered a powerful message emphasizing Iran’s commitment to security, peace, and unity in the Islamic world. The IRGC commander highlighted the importance of respecting borders and promoting fraternal relations among Muslim nations.

Respect for Borders and Neighborly Relations

Major General Salami emphasized Iran’s deep-rooted respect for its borders and the independence and territorial integrity of neighboring Muslim countries. The statement reiterates Iran’s commitment to peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation within the region. By asserting their appreciation for the security of their own borders, Iran sets an example for other nations in the Islamic world, promoting the importance of national sovereignty and stability.

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Striving for Security and Peace

The IRGC commander reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to security and peace as a fundamental policy. Major General Salami pointed out that Iran has consistently endeavored to expand peace and security within the region. This commitment aligns with the principles of the Islamic Revolution and emphasizes Iran’s role as a peacemaker in the Muslim world.

Rejecting Foreign Presence and Rule

A crucial aspect of Major General Salami’s speech was his assertion that Islamic lands should be free from the presence and rule of foreign powers. By highlighting the ability of Muslim nations to establish security through fraternal and Muslim arrangements, the IRGC sends a strong message that the fate of Muslims should be determined by the will of their own people, not external forces. This stance emphasizes the importance of self-determination and sovereignty in the region.

Muslim Identity and Unity

The speech highlighted the importance of the Muslim identity and the common values shared by Muslims worldwide. Major General Salami stressed that Muslims love each other and share a sense of brotherhood. This emphasis on unity is a powerful message against efforts by external forces to create divisions and infighting among Muslim nations. By recognizing the strength of their shared faith and values, Iran seeks to foster solidarity and collaboration among Islamic countries.

Promoting Stability and Peace in the Islamic World

Major General Salami addressed the attempts made by enemies to sow discord and initiate conflicts among Muslims in the Islamic world. In contrast, Iran’s policy, guided by its wise and esteemed Leader, is to create stability, security, and peace across the entire Muslim world. This approach positions Iran as a responsible and stabilizing force in the region, prioritizing the welfare of the Islamic community over narrow interests.

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The IRGC Nay military drill on Abu Musa Island in the Persian Gulf provided Major General Salami with a platform to convey a message of peace, unity, and respect for sovereignty to the Islamic world. The commitment to maintaining stable borders, promoting neighborly relations, and rejecting foreign presence sends a powerful signal of Iran’s dedication to the principles of the Islamic Revolution. By emphasizing the shared identity and values of Muslims and the need for cooperation among Islamic nations, Iran aims to foster harmony and solidarity in the face of external challenges. As the world watches, Iran’s commitment to peace and security in the Islamic world stands as a testament to the enduring strength and resilience of the region’s people.