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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Major (r) Adil Raja’s mother allegedly kidnapped

"When will such gross human rights violations stop in Pakistan? Today it's my mother, tomorrow it will be yours," Major (retd) Adil Raja said on Twitter.

UK-based YouTuber and retired army officer, Major (retd) Adil Raja, has claimed that his mother has been allegedly kidnapped, along with his paternal uncle and his cousin.

According to the details shared by Adil Raja, unknown kidnappers in two unmarked vehicles and an unmarked motorcycle abducted his mother, paternal uncle Lt. Col(R) Iftikhar Azam, and his son from Rawalpindi early this morning.

He also revealed that on May 16th, my mother and sister were stopped at the roadside by four unmarked vehicles carrying 12 gunmen in Chaklala Scheme 3 Rawalpindi and were severely tortured and terrorized.

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“When will such gross human rights violations stop in Pakistan? Today it’s my mother, tomorrow it will be yours,” Major Adil Raja said.

Major (retd) Adil Raja is active on Twitter and an ardent supporter of former prime minister Imran Khan. He went to the United Kingdom last year following the ouster of the PTI government through a no-confidence vote in parliament.

The ex-army officer has also been very critical of the new government as well as the military establishment accusing them of hatching a conspiracy to remove Imran Khan from power.

In April, police approached a sessions court for the seizure of properties belonging to Major (retd.) Adil Raja as he was nominated in a case registered by Rawalpindi’s Banni police under Section 406 (criminal breach of trust) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The police alleged that he was ‘hiding’ somewhere deliberately to avoid legal course and requested the sessions court to order the attachment of his properties.

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He has often been in the limelight for stirring controversy for instance alleging that some actresses were used as ‘honey traps’ by the country’s powerful establishment.