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Making Decisions In Pakistan

Durdana Najam | Oct 25, 2016

Having placed the name of a journalist on Exit Control List (ECL) the government according to the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had saved itself from earning the blame of setting the shooter free. Could there be anything more absurd? Not having recovered from the initial shock of seeing the name of a journalist on ECL this jolt exposing the thinking heads going weird in decision-making poses the question on the quality of leadership we have at the helm. Since its publication, layers of questions have been added to the Cyril Almeida’s story exposing the fragility of civil-military relations. The story puts the blame on the military, for allowing the good terrorists, in the garbs of Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamaat-ul-Dawa, roam fearlessly.

To access the complete article, please use this link:  Express Tribune


  1. It Is Amazing How Dawn News and Cyril Almeida Is Allowed to Get Away With Publishing False Stories While Dr Shahid and Dr Aamir Liaquat Face Bans By PEMRA

    For Cyril It Is Free Speech For Dr Shahid and Dr Aamir It Is Hate Speech What A Double Standard


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