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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Malaysian PM Mahathir defends PM Khan’s statement on ‘U-turn’

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad defended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement on U-turn. He called the policy of leaders retracting their decisions an apt policy. Earlier, Imran Khan’s statement on U-turn caused a furor on social media. Khan’s detractors not only mocked him but also raised questions on his abilities as a leader following his admission of backtracking several of his decisions.

Mahathir Mohamad has been an inspiration for Prime Minister Imran Khan and is often regarded as his mentor. While defending the policy of U-turn he said, at times taking a U-turn on decision becomes necessary if that’s what the situation demands.

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“Sometimes, we go the wrong way we turn around but only if necessary. We are not perfect people,” the PM said while addressing a presidential meeting.

He added, “Although most of us are angels, angels make mistakes. So, when angels make mistakes, they turn around.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan enjoys cordial relations with the Malaysian counterpart. His recent visit to Malaysia remained under immense media attention as he received a grand welcome from the hosts. Prime Minister Imran Khan is adamant to follow the steps of Mahathir Mohamad in battling and curbing the menace of corruption plaguing the state institutions of Pakistan.

After encountering a backlash on social media Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to reiterate his opinions on a U-Turn policy. He called the policy of ‘U-turn as a hallmark of great leadership’.

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In a meeting with the selected journalist, Prime Minister Khan stated: “We used to make strategies for matches but if those plans failed to deliver then we would make new strategies.” Prime Minister Khan referred to Adolph Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte and said: “Hitler and Napoleon suffered huge defeats and caused losses as they did not take U-turns.”

“If you are walking and there is a wall in front of you, then you will have to find another way around it,” PM Imran said, adding that “a leader who does not know how to take U-turns is not successful”, said Imran Khan.