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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Malik Riaz denounces leaked audio as ‘fabricated’

"I do not wish [to be] involved in political campaigns of any political party," he wrote, adding that he would pursue the matter legally.

Malik Riaz said his name is being “misused to settle personal and political scores,” denying the authenticity of the alleged audio clip PML-N claimed as purported evidence of “Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi and Farah Khan’s corruption.”

In a statement posted to Twitter, Riaz alleged that the audio was generated through deep fake technology; therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the latest technologies.

“I do not wish [to be] involved in political campaigns of any political party,” he wrote, adding that he would pursue the matter legally.

The alleged audio

During a press conference on Sunday, the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) ran an alleged audio clip of a conversation between property tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughter Amber Riaz. They were disusing how Farah Khan was asking for a five-carat diamond ring in return for some “government favours.”

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Amber could be heard telling her father that she had sent the then-first lady a three-carat diamond ring in the alleged audio, but Farah Khan had phoned to inform her that Bushra Bibi had refused to accept.

Then the top realtor asks his daughter to give her what she’s asking for.


Amber said that she had a meeting with “her” (Farah) on Saturday; therefore, a five-carat diamond ring should be arranged for Bushra Bibi before that, adding that the ring would cost Rs10 million.

Amber could also be heard telling her father that the “locked doors to his sites will be opened the next morning,” adding that “she” (Farah) had assured her that she received a call from Imran Khan.

“She (Farah) told me that she had received a phone call from Khan Sahab and said that he would take guarantee for the closure of the [cases] for which the [negative] reports have been submitted. You will also get a letter from Shahzad Akbar (former adviser to PM on accountability) tomorrow,” Amber could be heard telling her father.

According to Dawn, sources said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had objected to a housing scheme by Malik Riaz in Peshawar because it was “illegal as it had been launched without seeking permission” from the authorities concerned.

Farah Khan involved in ‘Asia’s largest money-laundering scam’: PML-N

The PML-N leaders claimed that the former first lady’s friend Farah Khan was involved in perhaps “Asia’s largest money-laundering scandal.”

Ataullah Tarar called upon the PTI chairman to ask Farah Gogi to return home and join the investigations.

Ataullah Tarar and Azma Bhukari alleged that Farah khan “ruled over the entire country from her office in Punjab” and accumulated “assets worth billions of rupees.”

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Tarar alleged that “Farah Gogi” used to “approve transfers and appointments” of government officials in Punjab against hefty payments to purchase diamonds worth billions of rupees, sold off in Dubai.

He said proceeds from the sale in Dubai were transferred to Pakistan through hawala and hundi.

The leader added that “the information about the selling of expensive paintings and watches will come to the fore soon,” claiming that the government had acquired more audio clips which could be sent to a forensic test if required.