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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Man arrested for murdering Canadian wife

Police have detained a guy for reportedly killing his Canadian wife just one day after she arrived in Pakistan from Dubai, where she had been working. The man is the son of prominent journalist Ayaz Amir.

Police have detained a guy for reportedly killing his Canadian wife just one day after she arrived in Pakistan from Dubai, where she had been working. The man is the son of prominent journalist Ayaz Amir.

The deceased, named by the authorities as Sara Inam, 37, was the third wife of the alleged murderer. She had flown Thursday from Dubai to the nation’s capital.

According to the authorities, they had already been married for a few months after falling in love online. The incident happened in a farmhouse in Shahzad Town where the suspect and his mother were residing at the time.

Shahnawaz, the man who has been detained, is the son of prominent journalist and ex-politician Ayaz Amir.

The information gathered from the police officers, who wished to remain unnamed, about the timing of the murder, who reported it to the police, and from where the suspect was caught conflicted.

The police said that a patrolling squad in the region was informed by a local resident that he had overheard a woman screaming inside the property. When the patrolling team arrived at the house to find out more, they entered after knocking on the gate but receiving no response.

The body of the woman was found after a search revealed it to be in a bathroom’s bathtub.

The alternative story states that after spotting the body, someone phoned the police—probably the suspect’s mother. The police reported that the restroom floor had been thoroughly washed and that it appeared that an effort had been made to conceal the bloodstains and other evidence. The body was moved to a hospital later for additional legal proceedings.

A police forensic team was sent to the scene of the crime to gather evidence, and during a thorough search of the home, the police found a dumbbell that they believe the suspect may have used to beat the victim.

Additionally, there were conflicting reports on the suspect’s arrest. Some officials said that he was apprehended at the farmhouse, but others claimed that he had escaped and had been apprehended elsewhere.

However, the police said that the suspect was sent to the police station for additional legal action because he had admitted to the murder during the initial interview.

According to the police, the couple had a heated quarrel on Thursday night about a disagreement. On Friday morning, they got into a fight, and the suspect punched the woman in the head with the dumbbell after beating her.

She as a result received a severe wound, passed out, and collapsed to the ground. It has not yet been determined if the woman drowned or died from a head injury because the suspect turned on the faucet after hitting her on the head, causing her to fall into the bathtub.

Former DSP prosecution of the capital police, Azhar Shah, told that the police performed an autopsy on the deceased before filing a FIR or receiving a complaint about the occurrence, which was a breach of Police Rule’s Chapter 26. According to him, the police might file a complaint on behalf of the state if a family member was not accessible in the situation. After filing the FIR, the autopsy can be performed, he stated.

The police reported that they had contacted the Canadian High Commission to request information regarding the deceased’s Canadian-born parents. The police are working to get in touch with the woman’s parents so they can file a complaint, but the case has not yet been filed. But according to the police, an autopsy was performed on the deceased and samples were collected for forensic, chemical, and other tests to determine the cause of death. Marks of damage were discovered on the body in addition to the head.

When contacted for their account of the incident and further details, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Akbar Nasir Khan, head of the Police Public Relations Branch DIG Awais Ahmed, DIG Operations Sohail Zafar Chattha, and PRO Junaid Ishaq did not pick up the phone.

Ayaz Amir voiced his dismay about the incident in the meanwhile. When addressing the media, he stated: “No one should be involved in such an act. This is something that shakes our hearts, I can only say after hearing about it,” he continued.

He claimed it was a legal issue when questioned if his son used drugs.”All I can say is that nobody should experience such anguish or have such a tragedy happen to them, Mr. Amir continued.