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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Man cheats benefits system to pay for father’s funeral in Pakistan

In total, the man has cheated Britain's system out of 42,644.83 pounds in benefits which are now being recouped. People have expressed their anger on social media and demanded that such benefits cheats should be thrown out of the country.

A Pakistani man in the UK has raked in almost 43000 pounds in illegal claims under the pretext of paying for a massive funeral in Pakistan for his dead father.

Sabar Hussain, 49, had his father living with him in the UK and received Carer’s Allowance and Income Support (CAIC) on a weekly basis from the government for caring for his father.

When Sabar’s father passed away in 2016, he had to take his body to Pakistan for the funeral, for which he borrowed 9000 pounds. However, after the funeral was done, instead of updating the authorities, Sabar continued to benefit from CAIC.

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Since then he has been receiving other financial benefits as well including water and fuel payments. In total, he cheats Britain’s system out of 42,644.83 pounds in benefits which are now being recouped. According to reports by Birmingham Live, Sabar Hussain used some of the cash to repay the money he borrowed to fund the funeral.

Sabar Hussain has defended himself saying that he and his family were facing a severe financial crisis, which coincided with his father’s funeral, forcing him to use the State’s money illegally for a prolonged period. He has also maintained that the money was not used to fund a lavish lifestyle, but was used to pay bills and creditors.

He has pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to notify authorities of a change in circumstances, and three offenses of fraud by dishonestly failing to disclose information to the Department of Work and Pension.

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Despite these charges, he has avoided a jail sentence as Judge Sunil Khanna showed mercy and suspended a prison sentence of 10 months.

People in the UK not happy

People in the UK are not happy with Sabar Hussain walking free from jail. According to them, benefits cheats should be thrown out of Britain as they are taking advantage of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

People in the UK have even expressed their anger at the judge and called for his removal. According to reports, some have even claimed that he has favored Sabar Hussain due to them sharing the same race, had the benefits cheat been a white man, the consequences would have been very different.

Hussain’s suspended sentence will hang over his head for 18 months, during which time he must complete 20 days of rehabilitation activity and adhere to a three-month curfew.

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