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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Man kills sister after she was gang-raped

The man aggrieved with the incident, allegedly killed his sister with his two accomplices and, escaped however, the police arrested him. According to the policemen, he was allegedly planning to kill the rapists.

Man kills his sister in Sargodha after she was gang-raped by members of an influential family a few days back.

According to the details, four men raped a 28-year-old girl four days ago in Sargodha. They also filmed the video of raping her. The Laksian Police Station had registered a case against the suspects but did not take the action against them. The men were allegedly released on the interim bill.

The man aggrieved with the incident allegedly killed his sister with his two accomplices and escaped. Police arrested him when according to policemen, he was allegedly planning to kill the rapists. Police have registered the case against him. The suspect told the police that he acted on his own because Police did not take the action against the alleged rapists and forced them to reconcile with them.

On the other hand, Police said that the rape suspects got a pre-arrest bail from the court until 11th February.

The incident has shocked people who demand strict action against the man and the alleged rapists for raping and killing the girl. Calls for death penalties for the rapists and the brother of the girl have been made on social media.

Others noted that perhaps there seems to be something unusually wrong in Sialkot as some of the most disturbing stories of sexual assault with women are being reported from Sialkot lately.

An ongoing debate

The incident has opened up the debate once again on the efficacy of our present judicial system in protecting and giving justice to victims. Netizens noted that the judiciary has once again failed to provide justice since the innocent victim was killed while the culprits are still wandering freely.


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The case also highlights the scourge of the victim-blaming mindset. As the regressive mindset prevails in several sections of society, the victim is being blamed for any sexual offense against them. Instead of blaming and shaming the actual culprits, the onus of the sexual assault is placed on the victim, particularly adult females.

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The naysayers often accuse them of instigating men for committing sexual offenses against them. Society often proposes solutions to curb the cases of sexual assault in the form of regulating the conduct and behavior of genders, particularly women. The mixing of opposite genders is discouraged, women are told to dress ‘modestly’ and not to wear clothes provoking men. Females are instructed to go out in public spaces with a male guardian.

This debate had propagated the women’s rights movement in Pakistan with the slogan, of controversial ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi’( My body, My Choice). For several years, Aurat March is being organized, giving a platform for women to come out and protest for their rights and freedom. The intent was to gather the women’s power and collectively call the society to address and evaluate the rules and regulations set by women hampering their freedom and rights.