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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Man stabbed to death for refusing to say sorry to dog

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Vijendar Rana, a 40-year-old man was stabbed to death in India for not apologizing to the dog in the New Delhi neighborhood. The deceased was stabbed six times after a scuffle between him and the owner of the dog. The heinous crime happened on the late Saturday night.

According to the police reports, the main suspect had been out on a stroll midnight with the dog, Tommy. Tommy was sitting at the roadside while the suspects were talking near a scooter when Vijendar drove in about 10 minutes later. The Tommy started barking at Rana’s truck. The trio then rushed to the victim and forced him down from the truck and abused him.

“Vijender Rana’s Tata Ace tempo accidentally touched a dog, belonging to one of the accused. The owner picked a fight with him,” a police officer said, adding that “later, the victim’s brother got to hear about the ongoing brawl and joined it.”

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The three suspects Ankit, Paras, and their tenant Dev forced Rana to apologize to their dog. They grabbed him by the hair and forced him to apologize. Vijendaer who was outraged with the abuse told them to mind their dog instead.

Vijendara freed himself and rushed to his home. Ankit and Paras followed him and dragged him out of his house to stab him six times with a kitchen knife and a screwdriver.

The deceased sister told the media that listening to the cries of the Vijendara his elder brother Rajesh ran out to help him, but suffered three knife attacks and is meanwhile admitted in the hospital under critical condition.

Vijendar was father of two and the sole breadwinner in the family of the ten family members