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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mangla to dry up next: Immediate action needed

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After Tarbela dam, Mangla dam is also at high risk of drying up. Despite the rainy season, Tarbela Dam has reached its dead level, while Mangla Dam is just making ends meet, as it’s only a matter of days before water scarcity reaches a new level of concern.

Till last Saturday there was some amount of water left in the Tarbela dam, it was predicted that as night would fall, it would finish. “The situation clearly reflects that water situation in Pakistan is getting critical even during the rainy season, Indus River System Authority (ISRA)” spokesperson said.

In reference to Mangla Dam, (ISRA) spokesperson added that the water storage level in the dam was 1,123.70 ft. against its dead level of 1,050 ft. Moreover, stating that this too had started depleting.

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Experts stated that last year in July, at this time the water storage level was 7 million acres ft., whereas this year it stands at 0.8 million acres ft. (MAF), as reported by Spokesperson Khalid Rana, (ISRA).

The recent monsoon showers helped to bring a minor improvement to the water level. However, the water crisis of Mangla Dam remains an unaddressed, grave issue. There are chances, that in the upcoming next eight days, the water will reach its critical level.

Considering the worsening state of the water shortage, it should be a priority of party manifestos. Water shortages fan differences among provinces, which may even result in a civil war, or an armed conflict with neighboring countries, said business leader, Malik Sohail, former Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI).

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He further expressed his concerns by stating, that the “country is dying of thirst, however, the focus of our leaders and masses lies in politics. Pakistan has no future unless radical changes in water culture are introduced.”

Years of criminal negligence, mismanagement, wastage of funds on symbolic projects, and controversial constitutional amendments have contributed to the deteriorating water situation in Pakistan, today. If this issue isn’t resolved quickly it might serve as a major reason behind the destruction of Pakistan.