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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Manmohan Singh criticizes Modi for politicizing Indian Army & touting nuclear capabilities

Modi shamelessly politicized the armed forces; after Pulwama attack, it was revealed that BJP government had rejected the request of airlifting the soldiers.

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In an exclusive interview given to the Hindustan Times, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accused the BJP-led Indian government of compromising on India’s National Security. Referring to the Pulwama attack, he stated, “40 of our brave CRPF soldiers were martyred in the Pulwama terror attack at the most secure National Highway in the country. This is a grave intelligence and national security failure. Since then, it has come out that CRPF and BSF were requesting for airlifting the soldiers but the Modi Government refused it.”

Manmohan Singh went onto lament the Modi-led government of ignoring “solid intelligence inputs from J&K police about an IED attack”, and “turning a blind eye to a video warning of a terrorist organization”. Turning towards the problems in Kashmir, former Indian PM Singh observed that the “opportunist PDP-BJP” alliance lacked a “clear-cut Pakistan policy”.

He added that the Indian government had never had to hide “behind the valor of our armed forces” and accused Modi of attempting to shamelessly politicize the armed forces. Manmohan Singh said, “All this is being done to draw the attention away from unpardonable failures of Modi Government on the economic front, on jobs, on rural distress, on MSMEs and the informal sector.”

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Former Indian Prime Minister blamed BJP for sponsoring a “hypocritical” stance with its propaganda of making India a strong and assertive nuclear power and accused Indian PM Narendra Modi of using the nuclear capabilities as a “political prop” in a bid to actualize their political ambitions. He said, “No Prime Minister has used the issue of our nuclear capabilities for political purposes. I suppose this reflects the political desperation in face of an imminent defeat.”

Referring to Modi’s failure to deliver his promise of creating 20 million jobs a year, and his “disruptive policies of demonetization, which “snatched over 40 million jobs from the youth”, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stressed that unemployment and joblessness are two of the greatest problems faced by India. He concluded, “BJP’s political distress emanates from its failed track record. BJP is searching for new narratives every day. This reflects the bankruptcy of a vision for the country.”