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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘Manwa re’ singer Ali Noor hospitalized after acute liver failure

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The lead vocalist of band ‘Noori’, Ali Noor is reportedly hospitalized after a liver failure. According to the reports, Ali is in critical condition and urgently requires a liver donor.

The close friends and family members of Ali Noor have made several appeals on social media for blood. On Tuesday, Ali Noor’s cousin, Rakae Jamil has updated a social media post appealing for donors within the next 48 hours in Islamabad, revealing that the singer has been diagnosed with an acute liver failure.

“Need a Liver Donor for Ali Noor in the next 48 hours. Blood groups.Only B +ve, B -ve, O +ve O -ve. In Islamabad…please it’s urgent!” the band Noori posted on its official Facebook page.

There is a possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business.

The medical reports have revealed that Ali Noor initially suffered from ‘Hepatitis A’, which worsened and damaged his liver. Ali Noor requires a liver donor aged between 18 and 45.

Brother Ali Hamza also took to social media and urged fans not to panic.

He wrote: “Guys!! No need to panic as yet. Inshallah Ali Noor will be back on his feet very soon!” Hamza wrote on Facebook. “He has suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is a possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business.”

“As for needing a liver donor, the doctors are saying that we do need to have people on standby, but they can only be family members — our local law does not allow outside of family donors.”

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Hamza continued, “But more than anything, most probably, Inshallah Inshallah we won’t have to go that route. We are already seeing improvement in Ali Noor’s condition.”

“What we need are prayers from everyone that Ali Noor recovers in full form! I can’t thank you enough for all your support!! God Bless You! It’s very important at this stage that we sit at our respective abodes and just pray for Ali Noor’s recovery,” he said.



His family has clarified that only a family member can donate him a liver and that the appeals were made as a contingency plan.