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Friday, February 16, 2024

Mardan: Girl scores a perfect 1100/1100 in matric examinations

Qandeel, a student from Mardan, just made a national record by scoring 1100/1100 in her matric examinations, becoming the first female to do so.

The student named Qandeel of Student Model High School, Akora Khattak, Nowshera, has made a new Pakistani record by scoring astonishing full marks in her matric examinations.

She is also the only female student throughout Pakistan who had made the record. Mardan Board Chairman said that the first position holder Ms. Qandeel was an orphan, and the board was proud of her.

The board chairman also announced that Ms. Qandeel would be compensated all her board fees to acknowledge her talent. Talking to the media, Ms. Qandeel said that her achievements resulted from her teachers’ hard work and her mother’s prayers.

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Reportedly, as many as 70,532 students, including male and female, appeared in the Mardan Education Board examinations, out of which 68,854 were declared successful.

42,851 out of 44,415 students who sat in the Intermediate Part II examination were declared successful. The passing percentage was remarkable as 97.82 percent of students passed the Matric exam. In comparison, 96.48 percent of students have passed the Intermediate exam.

The result announced today also revealed that dozens of students have obtained over 1090 marks across the district. With the second and third positions tying at 1098 marks each.

This result as however, also caused a lot of controversy in the country’s social media. With the appalling state of education being recognized as such by many international institutions, students scoring such high marks is dubious, to say the least.

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Questions are being raised about the marking standards of these tests as many subjects such as English, Urdu, etc., cannot possibly have perfect scores. How the examiners can give out these results is troublesome.

The education system is under much scrutiny due to promoting just basic memorizing of important concepts instead of their in-depth understanding. This concept of “ratta marna” has little use in professional life and is blamed for the declining state of the country’s academia.

While it is near impossible to score full marks in a knowledge-based test requiring understanding and explanation of critical concepts, it is very much possible in one based on just memory.