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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Maria B call for the boycott of PSL 9

She asked if they did not get any local Pakistani brands for sponsorship.

Fashion designer Maria B has called for the boycott of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 on its brand sponsorship with a popular food chain KFC Pakistan.

The designer slammed PCB for accepting sponsorship from KFC, an international food chain alleged of sponsoring and supporting illegal Israeli settlements. KFC is among the list of the international brands being boycotted in Pakistan.

Several citizens of Pakistan joined the global campaign to boycott these brands including KFC in protest against the ongoing genocide in Palestine and Gaza for five months.

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Maria B shamed PCB for signing up KFC as the main sponsor. She asked if they did not get any local Pakistani brands for sponsorship. She reminded PCB that Pakistan is among the countries who are calling for the boycott of KFC over the genocide in Gaza.

Not only Maria B but social media users of X in Pakistan have also joined the call to boycott KFC. Users are sharing snapshots of the post of KFC from its Facebook post allegedly making fun of the people of Gaza. The post read ‘No Tent only Chicken’.


According to users, the post is mocking the people of Gaza who are displaced due to war and are forced to live in tents. Many of the homes in Gaza are damaged due to indiscriminate bombing of the Israeli forces.

Expressing disapproval on X, users are tagging PCB and the official Twitter handle of PSL over the issue while calling for the boycott of the cricket league.

PSL 9 kickstarted in Lahore on Saturday, February 17th,2024 with a grand opening ceremony and a star-studded lineup featuring artists Arif Lohar, Noori, and Aima Baig. The official anthem sung by Ali Zafar has received rave reviews from the audiences and followers of cricket. His previous songs for the PSL were massive hits including ‘Khel Jamay Ga produced in 2017.