Maryam Nawaz get hits by her own security guard outside IHC

Nawaz went off-balance after the punch and stood still for a few seconds to regain her momentum, before sitting in the car.

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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday got hit by her security guard outside Islamabad High Court but escaped without major harm. Footage circulating on Pakistani news channels show that Nawaz got hit at the shoulder by her own security guard while he was trying to protect her from a crowd.

A number of party workers and journalists surrounded Nawaz when she stepped out of the court and approached her vehicle to head back home. Nawaz struggled to keep her balance amid the chaos and screamed when hit by a strong punch from a security guard as he tried to shield her from the crowd.

Nawaz went off-balance after the punch and stood still for a few seconds to regain her momentum, before sitting in the car as her husband Safdar held her from the shoulder to prevent her from stumbling. Safdar had accompanied her to the court.

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Nawaz has taken the center stage at the Pakistani media today since morning as she appeared for a hearing at Islamabad High Court and made politically explosive remarks by appearing to disown a statement made by her uncle regarding a meeting with the army chief earlier this month.

Earlier this week, Nawaz was in the spotlight for her extravagant accessories adorned for the All Parties Conference held on Sunday. During the hearing at the court today, Nawaz used social media to share images of advocates showering petals on her.

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“Greetings to those who have sprinkled flowers of their faith in my paths,” wrote Nawaz on Twitter today.

According to media reports, a rowdy crowd of party supporters thronged the premises of IHC and reportedly smashed a door and security blockade while Nawaz appeared in the court.


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