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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Maryam Nawaz meets group of PMLN TikTokers

Maryam Nawaz held the meeting in the Jati Umra residence of the Sharif family. The picture from the meeting circulating on social media has attracted attention as netizens post several comments.

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PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz meets a group of TikTokers promoting the party on social media. A picture of Maryam Nawaz meeting TikTokers was shared on the official handle of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

The meeting was held in the Jati Umra residence of the Sharif family. The picture circulated on social media attracted attention with users posting several comments. Some asked if they are famous TikTokers. Others said they have not seen them on the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok.

In another tweet, she said that she will soon arrange a meeting with Instagram fans of PMLN. Her activities seem to be a response to the strong presence of nemesis Imran Khan and his party Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf on social media.

According to the unconfirmed reports, the content worth of million dollars was generated for Imran Khan on TikTok alone after he was ousted from office through the No-Confidence Motion. Imran Khan and his narrative has been trending across all social media platforms with massive campaigns being run in his favor.

Imran Khan breaks records

This week, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan had set and broke the records for hosting a Twitter space session with more than a million people joining it to listen to him. People from all over the world joined in his Twitter space session to listen to him and participate in a direct Question & Answer session.

Earlier, Korea’s K-POP musical band had the session to host 45,000 listeners on a Twitter space. According to the reports, the number of listeners rose to 450K by the end of Imran Khan’s Twitter space. Not only on Twitter but his interaction with the listeners was live broadcasted on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Some sources claim that in less than 12 hours more than 26 lakh people joined on social media to listen to him. As per an estimate, 13 lakh joined to watch him on Facebook, 10 lakh joined to listen to him on Twitter and nearly 3.2 lakh users joined Instagram to watch him.

Commentators and analysts believe that the absence of the PMLN on social media is harming them since they are failing to disseminate their narrative among the masses in the age of social media. Hence, commentators have pressed the PMLN leadership to focus on expanding and solidifying their social media presence to counter PTI.